The 4 Leading WordPress Search Plugins at Present

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing that the information which you are looking for is available on the website, but you are unable to find it just because the search engine doesn’t work. Since you would not want the visitors to your site to have such experiences, you need to install an effectively performing WordPress search plugin. Here are the most effective, functional and popular options available at present. Choose wisely.

1. WP Search

This WordPress search plugin is known for being effective and for offering a good level of control to the developer. You can choose how much importance to place on titles, content and date of publishing. You can add attachments and navigation menu items. The visitors to your website will find the tool to be functional and easy to use. They can choose to perform a category search for getting the best results.

2. Search Everything

The best thing about this plugin is that it gives you the option to add a good number of categories to the search form. That way, the visitors to your website will be able to perform a more precise search every time. The users can set the engine so that it checks everything or special content sections of the website such as the comments. They can also choose to exclude certain elements from the search. In general, this search engine is a good performer with good customization options.

3. Swiftype

This is premium WordPress search plugin has multiple great features which benefit you in more ways than one. The search engine is easy and quick to install, to set up and to tweak in line with your preferences. It is based on a cloud server so it will not load your server and slow down your website while working quite quickly.

It performs effectively and produces the most relevant results. It will even show results from linked websites. You can rearrange the search results and the changes will take effect immediately. The cherry on the cake is the comprehensive set of analytics which allow you to make your website even more helpful and interesting for its users.

4. Relevanssi

This plugin boasts with great credibility. It has been proven to work and you can rely on the developers for getting regular updates which improve the service. This search engine can search for content by category and gives you the option for excluding some parts of the website from the search. It offers proper spelling suggestions which are quite useful and highlights the searched keywords in the results. Your website will certainly have improved functionality with this search engine.

You should definitely test the WordPress search plugin of your choice before you decide to keep it on your website. You have to be absolutely sure that it will perform effectively.

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