6 WordPress RSS Feed Plugins You Will Find Useful

You can easily enhance the experience which people get on your WP website with the use of a WordPress RSS feed plugin. Your task is to find a functional tool which performs several tasks at once and which is easy and simple to use. Consider the following five suggestions. They all match these criteria perfectly and offer even more.


The main benefit of this WordPress RSS feed plugin is that it is quite comprehensive. It is an RSS aggregator. Its job is to syndicate content from feeds which is entered in post form in your website’s database. When you syndicate content from several feeds, then you can use the database and template tools of your site as an aggregation website. This plugin is quite flexible while being simple and easy to use. You can make great improvements to your site without much tweaking.

Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds

With this tool, you can display the latest posts of your blog roll links with the use of RSS feeds. A side widget is used for the purpose. You can have the links displayed in the current window or in a new one. Some of the major advantages of this plugin are the high level customization and the ease of use.

Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

With this tool, you will get a complete menu with multiple RSS fee subscription options on your website. This is a highly useful plugin for those who cover various topics on their website such as affiliate marketers. You can create custom feed for each one so that users can follow only the content which is most useful to them. This is a great extra to offer.

Featured Image in RSS Feed

The name of this WordPress RSS feed plugin is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to add an image to the feed. This will make this option more attractive to users especially if your website uses a lot of images or has a special theme. The tool is simple to use. You can easily integrate the image and tweak its size.

Custom Post Type RSS Feed

This is another basic yet highly useful plugin. It makes adding custom post types feed into themes a breeze. It works simply and super effectively at the same time. It checks post types with archives automatically and then generates a markup so that it can be easily added to head.

JP’s Get RSS Feed

You can use this tool to display feed items wherever you want in posts and on pages. You can include descriptions to links and have them open in a new window, if you wish. The plugin utilizes the ability of the WP platform to return feeds to ensure that your site’s users will get the latest information.

You can readily use more then one WordPress RSS feed plugin from the list.

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