The 5 Leading WordPress Registration Plugins for Better User Experience

One of the best ways to keep current users of your WP website and gain new ones is to offer more to those who register such as unlimited number of comments, free newsletter and so on. For the technical set up, you will require a WordPress registration plugin. Here are the best tool options which you have at the moment.

Profile Builder

This is considered to be the top WordPress registration plugin because it gives you perfect control over the whole process. You can integrate registration easily, create a front-end login and edit profiles. You need some technical experience as the use of short code is required. One interesting thing about this tool is that it allows users to customize basic fields and add new ones. This will certainly help to enhance their overall experience.

WP Members

With this plugin, you can make any specific content of your website accessible only to registered members. The registration is integrated into the content so users to do not have to visit a separate page. The tool will not modify your theme but get integrated perfectly. You can customize it in different ways to ensure that it matches your site perfectly. Other important features and capabilities include sidebar login widget, queuing newly registered members for admin approval and automatic creation and display of post excerpts for improved search engine optimization.

Register Plus Redux

This is a pretty comprehensive WordPress registration plugin for managing the access to your website. It lets you manage the registration and access in many different ways. You can create custom registration and login pages, integrate a system for email verification, customize profile fields, create invitations and send custom messages to users. New users can be queued when they wait for approval. You will have complete control of who enters your website and how people use it. This is a great way for creating a strong loyal user base.

New User Approve

What this plugin does is to integrate approval into the registration process. When a person signs up to your website, an email with his details will be automatically sent to you. That way, you can decide whether to approve the person or not. If you enable the registration an email will be sent to the person and he will start using your site. This tool is simple and extremely valuable for managing who gets in and who stays out.

Pie Register

With this plugin, you will get all major registration features that you expect plus many more. It offers custom logo and color scheme for registration and login fields, comprehensive password fields, invitation codes and disclaimers and custom profile fields. You can use CAPTCHA and email validation and even charge a membership fee which can be paid via PayPal.

Get the right WordPress registration plugin for you and start using it straight away.

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