Top 5 WordPress Redirect Plugins for Better User Experience

It is extremely annoying for any internet user to hit broken or dead pages and get error messages. Since you would not want your website’s users to be frustrated, you need to use a WordPress redirect plugin that will fix the issue. Take a closer look at the top picks in this category. Each one can help you improve the experience for your site’s users in more ways than one.

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

This WordPress redirect plugin is a very simple and highly functional tool at the same time. It allows you to redirect any page or post to another page or post. You can transfer users to other websites if you wish. You can select from permanent, temporary and meta redirection options. One important thing to note is that the new page is not opened in a new window.


This is undoubtedly the most popular of all redirection tools used on the WordPress platform. It is designed to provide 301 redirections and to help you manage and fix 404 errors. You can add 301 redirection automatically or manually when there is a change in the URL of a page. You can add manually different types of redirections for a WP file and redirect access as well. You will also get custom pass-through redirections. You will be able to keep identify and keep an eye on all 404 errors. You will get a complete account of all redirected URLs.

Simple 301 Redirects

With this WordPress redirect plugin you can easily transfer users to another page when they click a specific URL. This is a particularly useful tool for websites which have just been transferred to the WP platform and their ULR structure cannot be kept. Users will be redirected to the new page even if they click the old URL. All links will be transferred seamlessly and their page rank will be kept.

404 Redirected

This tool is useful for overcoming the issues associated with 404 errors. It allows you to provide content on 404 error pages. That way, you can inform users of what they should do and provide a link so that they can get to a page which works fine. You will get an account of what pages the users have been looking for. This will allow you to provide the required information on a new page and place the link inside the 404 error page. When a page has a number of errors, you can redirect it manually.

Permalink Finder Plugin

This tool produces a record of the cases when WordPress cannot find a permalink. When it identifies such an issue, it searches your website’s database for the same words and finds the best match. Then it creates a redirect to the same page. Then the search engines will update their database with the redirect as well.

With the right WordPress redirect plugin you can solve quite a lot of issues.

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