4 WordPress Quiz Plugins for Learning and Fun

No matter whether you have an educational WP website or offer predominantly entertainment content, you will benefit greatly from a WordPress quiz plugin. It will make your website a lot more interactive, more informative, more functional and more fun. Users will certainly come back for more. Check out the leading quiz tools which you can get at present and make a choice based on your personal requirements.

mTouch Quiz

This WordPress quiz plugin enjoys huge popularity and high rating. It is simple to use and offers a variety of extra features at the same time. It allows you to create multiple choice questions and to enable their answering with a click of the mouse button. Some of its most useful features include customizable start and finish screens, random question ordering, hints attached to answer options and option for including more than one correct answer. You will be able to place any chosen value to a question, to specify how many attempts a respondent can make and choose how the right answer is displayed. You will enjoy great flexibility.


This tool boasts with great features and ease of use. You can easily create any number of questions with any number of answers. The scores are kept on a database and can be shared via Facebook and Twitter. You can create questions with a different number of correct answers, display messages showing whether the answer is right or wrong and select any number of questions from a larger pool. This tool offers everything which you require.


With this comprehensive plugin, you will be able to create not only tests with multiple choice questions but whole exams with open ended questions and field for essays. You can assign any value to a question and use a complete grading system. Answers can appear immediately after the end of the quiz. The tool generates lists with names and exam scores automatically. If you want to put someone to the test, this is certainly a great tool to use for the purpose.

SS Quiz

The main benefits of this WordPress quiz plugin are its speed and the advanced features which it offers. You can create three types of questions. These include multiple choice questions with single or several correct answers and fill in the blanks questions. You can write questions and answers and edit them quickly and easily. You will get ready templates for the start and end of the test. You can insert multimedia in the questions and this is certainly a huge advantage. The test results can be sent directly to any chosen email.

Once you download and install the WordPress quiz plugin that you have chosen, you can readily start creating tests and exams. You will have all the tools which you need to make the testing effective, smoothly running and totally worthwhile.

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