6 Sleek WordPress Popup Plugins for More Traffic and Loyal Visitors

You don’t have to wait for a visitor to your website to notice the fixed banners for an opt-in email list or the social networks. You can readily use a WordPress popup plugin which elegantly appears over the page’s content. You can choose from a wide variety of options. Consider six of the best ones.


This is a truly functional and versatile WordPress popup plugin. It allows you to create overlapping windows for displaying any type of content that you want. The windows can contain all kinds of content from text and images to videos and entire video galleries. With this tool, you can have attractive custom banners for all things that you want to advertise. You can use it for adding product descriptions and images to your website in a sleek and fun way.

wpmudev WordPress PopUp

As always, this developer offers something truly special and highly effective for getting email-list subscriptions. You can select where, when and how the popup offers appear. You are totally in control. It is compatible with all kinds of themes and related plugins so you will not have any issues running it.


This WordPress popup plugin offers the perfect combination between cheerful colors and simplicity. It is easy to set up and to use. You will get a large number of customization options for creating the ideal invitation for visitors to join your opt-in email list.

Social Traffic Pop

This WordPress popup plugin uses a small and attractive banner with combines to all of the most popular social networks. There is plenty of room for customization. You can tweak the opacity of the background, the buttons and the timer settings. It is quick to install and simple to use. There is no coding involved so it is suitable for absolutely any website administrator.

Option Revolution Lite

With this tool, you will get sleek and attractive popup design template and plenty of options for customization. You get to use all kinds of tricks to grab the attention of the visitor including images, highlighted text and a huge sign-up button. The plugin is super easy to set up and to use.


You can get really creative with this tool as it has a lot of features which provide for a great level of customization. You can set up specific sessions in line with your requirements. You can manipulate the automatic show and close options as you like. The design is totally trendy. At the same time, the tool is super simple to use.

It is easy to achieve any marketing goal that you set for yourself with a great WordPress popup plugin. You simply need to customize it carefully so that it will actually capture your visitors and make them follow the call for action.

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