The Best 4 WordPress Newsletter Plugins to Pick from

If you want to develop a strong bond with the visitors to your websites, you need to communicate with them on a more personal level and give them special extras. For this, you will need a WordPress newsletter plugin. It will help you create an email-list and manage the email communication with the people who sign up for it. Take a closer look at the best tools which you can find at present and choose the one which suits your needs and requirements best.


This is perhaps the most popular WordPress newsletter plugin available at present. It has great functionality and advanced features plus a lot of room for customization. With the free version you will get a form designer feature which allows you to create a completely unique sign-up form, various form insertion options, customizable timed auto responders and 30 different theme templates. You will be able to keep a list of up to 2,000 subscribers, to use various sending methods and to get statistics on your newsletter. With the premium version, you can have an unlimited number of subscribers and use more thorough statistics plus Google Analytics. The plugin is easy to use.

2. Newsletter

This is the most basic of plugins that you can get. Still, it gives you everything which you need to do a good job. It comes free of charge. You can create forms in line with your personal preferences, have an unlimited number of subscribers and send the emails directly from your WP website. It is fairly easy to start using it, but its learning curve may be a bit steeper compared to what most of its counterparts can offer.

3. WPNewsman Lite

If you want to have sleek newsletter with emails which look fabulous out and grab the attention immediately when opened, you should certainly consider this WordPress newsletter plugin. Its free version allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers, but generally it is fully equipped with everything which you require to start and keep a newsletter. With it, you can create various forms just by dragging and dropping elements, create custom action pages, build and manage different email lists and use several different methods for sending the emails. The really great thing is that you can select from a lot of elegant templates. The premium version offers unlimited number of subscribers, expert customer support and Google Analytics plus a tool for content tracking.

4. MyMail

This premium plugin is packed with advanced features that you will love. You can select from a wide range of functional and beautiful templates and create custom auto responders. It offers comprehensive analytics which allow you to gain full control over your email marketing strategy. You will get support based on your location which is certainly a great extra to have.

Compare the different options and pick the right WordPress newsletter plugin for you.

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