3+ Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

The introduction of smartphones and tablets has had a major effect on all businesses and individuals operating online. It is now a must for developers to use at least ones WordPress mobile plugin for making their website accessible through these devices. You would certainly not want to lag behind and lose your competitive edge. Check out the most effective and widely used mobile plugins at present to decide which ones you will need.


This WordPress mobile plugin is designed to transform a regular website into a mobile one directly. The website will be accessible from all sorts of portable devices including, but not limited to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It comes with an admin panel which allows for thorough and fairly easy customization.

Other beneficial features include the loading of pages three times more quickly and the setting up of web apps for iOS gadgets. At the same time, it is not the most affordable tool which you can find. Generally, it is the most popular tool of its class at present.

WP Mobile Detector

This plugin works to mobilize your WordPress website automatically so that it is compatible with all types of portable devices. One of its most useful capabilities is that it detects whether the visitor to your site uses a portable device and switches to the mobile version automatically. Its main benefits include automatic website formatting, a selection of 7 pre-installed themes, dynamic page loading and easy and convenient navigation.

Duda Mobile Website Builder

This WordPress mobile plugin offers fairly quick and easy conversion from a traditional to a mobile WP website. It has entirely graphic interface and no coding skills are required for its use. It makes the website compatible with all types of mobile devices and automatically transfers the visitor to the mobile version when it is accessed via such gadgets.

Some of its major advantages include the option for installing functional mobile features like maps and click-to-call and the opportunity to get free analytic tools. This software tool is available for free and allows for considerable customization and experimentation.

WordPress Mobile Admin

This tool is a control panel which allows you to manage your mobile website via a smart portable device of any type. It is compatible with all mobile operating systems and gadgets including BlackBerry. It is highly functional and easy to use. It gives you the opportunity to manage your site no matter where you are. This will certainly give you greater flexibility. A major advantage of this plugin is that it is offered for free.

It pays off to compare different options in order to choose the best WordPress mobile plugin for you. Outline your requirements in advance to make the search more effective. Do not miss to take into account your technical skills and experience and your budget as well.

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