Pick from 5 Top WordPress Menu Plugins

You want your website to be well organized and user friendly. This is possible only with the right WordPress menu plugin. You can select from numerous different options, but they are not created equal. You need to pick a tool which is functional, detailed and easy to understand and simple to use. The following plugins meet and exceed these criteria. Check them out now to make the best choice for you.

jQuery Mega Menu Widget

This WordPress menu plugin offers classic vertical section setting and mega drop down menus. You can select from several skins which will determine the style of the menu. You can choose the number of items per row as well. You can add an animation effect and adjust its speed accordingly. You decide which event will activate the sub menu to appear under the main ones. It can pop up when the user hovers over the category or clicks on it.

This plugin is super functional and gives you the chance to organize your website perfectly. It is easy and simple to use as well.

Admin Menu Tree Page View

With the menu tree functionality, all items will be easy to locate. The sub menus open bit by bit creating what seem to be tree branches. You can view the hierarchy of the pages in the tree structure and make changes when needed. When you add a post, you can position it between the other pages right away. You can view any page from the administrator menu and this saves you time and effort.

Responsive Select Menu

This menu will help you make your website much more functional when it is accessed via a smartphone or a tablet. It automatically transforms the menu into a select box. The box takes up a lot less space and makes navigation a breeze. One of the best things about this plugin is that it is highly customizable. You can select special theme locations for applying the menu and the number of levels included in it.

WP-Easy Menu

This WordPress menu plugin is simple to use while making things a lot easier for you. It can save you quite a lot of time and effort. If you add a new element to your website it will automatically have its link in the menu. You can create multiple menus with a few clicks of the mouse button.

WP Sticky Menu

This plugin is fully optimized for use and offers over 20 styles for you to pick from. You can create mega menus and choose how each sub menu will appear. You can add animation effects if you wish.

All of these tools will make your website a lot more functional and much more popular with its visitors and all internet users. Choose the WordPress menu plugin which meets your requirements perfectly.

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