6 WordPress Lightbox Plugins for Attractive Content Presentation

It is a fact that the lightbox is an ingenious tool which allows you to deliver layers of content on the same web page for enhancing the user experience and for effective advertising. You can easily integrate it into your WP website with the use of a WordPress lightbox plugin. You can choose from a variety of tools, but not all of them are created equal. That is why you should consider the top picks presented below.

dFactory Responsive Lightbox

This WordPress lightbox plugin is functional and highly flexible. As its name suggests, it makes lightboxes visible when the visitor uses a mobile device to access your website. With this tool, you can choose to use one of four scripts. It adds lightboxes automatically to image galleries and to links to videos and images. You will enjoy a high level of customization as well. You will certainly find this solution simple and effective to use.

Simple Lightbox

With this plugin, you will get lots of features which are all easy to use. You can resize the lightbox and customize it with themes of your choice. Link activation is automatic. You can group image links by slideshow and by post. Other features worth your attention include mobile optimization, keyboard navigation and infinite opportunities for customization. It is not surprising that this is a top rated tool.

WP Lightbox 2

This is a great simple plugin which has a range of attractive features. It uses ColorBox script and allows you to pick from five different themes. You can use it for grouping images so that navigation becomes much easier. You will get to display the meta data of the images as well. You will certainly find it useful.

WP Video Lightbox

You can use this tool for displaying videos from all kinds of sources in lightboxes. It works perfectly well with images too. It is packed with a variety of great features like auto play slide shows and videos, opacity selection, prettyPhoto integration, resizing and expansion options, deep linking and a variety of themes for you to choose from. It is among the most advanced plugins of its type.

Lightbox Gallery

As the name of this WordPress lightbox plugin suggests, it allows you to use this display mode for galleries and make it more efficient and more attractive to users. The major benefits which you will get include tooltip view, meta data display, gallery division into different pages and default gallery options extension.

Lightbox Plus ColorBox

As the name of this tool suggests, it allows you to display ColorBox as a lightbox. With this tool, you can add a lightbox to virtually any component of your website from galleries with images to video lists. There are flexible options for adjusting the background and the level of dimming. This is a simple and highly useful solution which is definitely worth your attention.

Make your website even better with the WordPress lightbox plugin of your choice.

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