3 WordPress Landing Page Plugins for High Conversion

One of the most challenging tasks for any website is lead capture and conversion. In order to achieve the desired results, you will need an effective and reliable WordPress landing page. Here you will find an overview of each of the most sophisticated tools which you can use for creating landing pages. They are guaranteed to help you achieve the conversion rate that you are aiming for.

Optimize Press 2.0

This is a highly popular WordPress landing page plugin at the moment and for good reason. It is a comprehensive solution with customizable themes and a complete set of features for creating sales, landing and squeeze pages. It allows users to access the created pages via mobile devices as well. Some of the top features of the tool include image with JavaScript alert, count down timber for offers, split testing of individual elements, extensive short code and live editor.

This is a premium plugin but it is worth investing in especially if you use your WP website for selling products and services. With the high conversion rate that you will achieve, the toll will pay itself off quite quickly. Besides, you can select from three different packages depending on your requirements and budget.

WordPress Landing Pages

This tool is considered to be the best free plugin for landing pages. You can create great looking and truly captivating landing pages using a set of customizable themes. You can use the tool with a page that you have designed on your own as well. This gives you great flexibility. With the visual editor feature you will make customizations and changes easily and quickly. You can clone the pages and run split tests. It is possible to use pre-populated forms for higher conversion and auto respond for communicating with new leads. You can easily track lead and conversion rates.

This is a great WordPress landing page plugin in every respect. It comes absolutely free of charge and this is certainly a superb advantage. One important thing to note is that it works in combination with a form plugin, but such tools are easily available for free as well.

Insta Builder

This is a premium tool with great comprehensiveness and functionality. It allows you to create landing pages for all types of purposes. You can select from over 70 themes. You can customize the style and typography. You can embed multimedia content into the pages easily and quickly.

The countdown timer is a superb feature and so is the Facebook Power opt-in which allows users to sign up via their Facebook profile. The created pages are perfectly responsive. You get great flexibility when it comes to creating genuine one-time-offer pages. You have to pay for using this tool, but it is not expensive at all.

You can now choose the WordPress landing page plugin which will be most useful to you as part of your marketing strategy.

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