WordPress Forum Plugins for You from This Top 5 List

Some say that forums have become outdated due to the use of the social networks, but this cannot be further from the truth. With the right WordPress forum plugin, you will create a place for your visitors to meet and chat on the topics which are of particular interest to them. This will not only boost traffic, but help you create a loyal client base. All you have to do is pick the perfect plugin for you from this list.


This is currently the most popular WordPress forum plugin. Its major advantage is that it is totally compatible with the WP platform. This makes it extremely functional and easy to use. The interface is totally user friendly. If you have experience with the WP platform, you will get the hand of it immediately. It offers beautiful and elegant templates, which are easy to customize, and easy forum management.


This is a complete forum system which has seamless integration into WordPress sites. The plugin is easy to start and to use. You can create any number of forums and categories and follow what is going on and act as a forum administrator with ease. It offers functional yet basic forum graphic design. It has a free basic version and a paid pro version.

WP Symposium

This tool is designed to turn the forum into a small private social network. It allows users to create their own profile pages plus groups and events, to use private chat windows and to get notifications and activity alerts. There is the option for private mail as well. The forum or rather the social network can be accessed and used via mobile as well. This is certainly one of the most advanced plugins which you can use.

Vanilla Forums

This WordPress forum plugin has two major advantages which are worth your attention. It offers the Blog Comment feature, which allows visitors to make comments as part of a chat with you. That way, you can really build a small community around your blog. The other major advantage is that users can access the forum from their mobile devices and make comments on the go. Besides, the forum layout and design is quite fresh.

Simple: Press

This tool found its way into this list thanks to its ease of use. It is super simple to set up and to manage even for a complete newbie. It has a variety of useful features and capabilities as well. These include effective permission system, spam prevention and creation of SEO content.

As you can see, there is something for everyone on this list. It is up to you to pick the best WordPress forum plugin for your site. You should definitely consider its current structure and the average user profile for making the right choice.

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