4 WordPress FAQ Plugins for Better Customer Service

There are various ways in which a website can offer customer support with a FAQ page and a contact page being the most important ones. For your WP website, you will need a WordPress FAQ plugin especially designed for it. The list of options is long, but they are certainly not created equal. Take a closer look at the most popular and top rated FAQ tools available at present.

Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress

With its high rating, great popularity and long-term presence, this WordPress FAQ plugin is certainly among the top options. It allows you to create questions and answers, categorize them, manage them and record them. It uses a jQuery animation for displaying hidden questions and answers. You can use excerpts and animation and improve the optimization of the FAQ page.

This free tool has a premium version as well. It offers more display and visibility options plus the opportunity to use user ratings and submissions. Overall, this plugin is effective and simple to use while making your website a lot more useful to its visitors.

FAQ Manager

This FAQ tool deserves its excellent rating as it is functional and easy to use at the same time while producing superb results. It is based on custom post types and taxonomies and allows you to create comprehensive and easy to use FAQ page with minimal skills and effort. You can use different display configurations after setting up categories. This plugin does not have fancy features, but it works simply and effectively to enhance the user experience on your website.

Acronix FAQ

This is another basic WordPress FAQ plugin which does an excellent job in helping you create your page of frequently asked questions. It uses custom post types, a simple short code for displaying the content and a jQuery box for showing and hiding questions and answers. You get great flexibility when it comes to creating the questions and answers. At the same time, the tool is quite easy to use. It is a good choice overall.


The special thing about this tool is that it not only allows you to create and organize the questions and answers but to communicate directly with your website’s visitors. They will be able to ask you questions. When you answer them, you can easily include them to the FAQ list. What’s more, the user who has asked the question will get email notification that the answer is available. This is a highly useful flexible tool which works well and which is fairly easy to use.

It is up to you to decide which WordPress FAQ plugin to go for. You should check whether it is compatible with your version before you download it. No matter how good the tool is, you are the one who creates the questions and answer so you should give them a lot of through in order to achieve the customer service improvement that you are aiming for.

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