WordPress Facebook Plugin Options for Even Better Social Integration

Once you have installed the Official WordPress Facebook Plugin, you can readily consider tools that will help you enhance its functionality and appeal. The reality is that the plugins for this social network are among the most abundant so making the right choice may be a bit overwhelming. Consider the following top picks which will give users the experience which they are looking for and you the benefits which every developer expects.


This is a superb WordPress Facebook plugin to have. It automatically connects to your Facebook account and transfers all photo albums to your WordPress UI. It works super fast. You can connect it to any account of your choice to extract the photo albums automatically. This tool gives you a great easy way to use cool and attractive photos as part of your website and to attract more visitors.


This tool allows you to integrate pages from your website into your Facebook fan page. It is super simple to use and super effective too. Since people are more likely to check the social network, you will gain much greater exposure.

Facebook Comments by Fat Panda

This plugin is quick to load and super easy to use. It works flawlessly. It transfers Facebook comments to your WP website database and keeps your WP comments while giving you the option to display them on the social network. It allows you to get even better integration between the two platforms.

Social Gallery

This WordPress Facebook plugin gives you a beautiful, elegant and functional light box. The light box features a Facebook button plus comments so you can expect great integration. It has buttons for all the other major social networks as well. It is fairly easy to use.

Facebook Friend Inviter

This is an extremely useful tool which you should definitely get. It allows visitors to your website to invite their Facebook friends to see it. This plugin works as a widget, but you can also have the button appear as a notification bar. You should definitely make full use of this tool.

Lazy Load for Videos

This plugin is super functional. It replaces YouTube videos with embedded images. When a visitor clicks on the image, the video will load and the experience will be as good as usual. You will get a much faster website loading speed which will certainly lead to higher user satisfaction and more traffic.

Facebook Like Box Slider

This is a great plugin for integrating your website with your Facebook page. You can customize the position and design of the like box so you get plenty of flexibility. There are like buttons for the other popular social networks as well.

Check carefully each WordPress Facebook plugin before downloading it and make sure that it will fit your website and your strategy for its development as well.

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