The 5 Most Popular WordPress Events Plugins

You can organize great events on your WP website to engage existing users further and gain new ones. For the purpose, you will need a highly functional WordPress events plugin. Here you will discover the solutions which enjoy the highest popularity and the highest ratings as well. This will certainly help you make the right choice for your website.

Events Manager

This WordPress events plugin gives you everything which you require for organizing and running events plus a range of great extra perks. The major features which you will get include long lasting and recurring event registration, which is made super easy, event submissions by users, event categories, multiple tickets, Google Map support for finding locations and SEO plugin compatibility. The pro version comes with extras like PayPal integration, coupon codes and custom forms for booking. This solution is effective, comprehensive, functional and easy to use.

Event Organiser

With this tool, you will be able to create and manage events just like you do with regular posts. It is that simple. You can create schedules and add venues using Google Maps with ease. It has an excellent system for creating and organizing recurring events. It offers a calendar widget and widgets for event lists and event agendas. It is a highly practical yet quite simple tool.

The Events Calendar

The main benefit of the WordPress events plugin is that it is small and super easy and quick to set up while being highly customizable. You can create events with a few clicks, give them categories and tags and save the full information. The solution’s main features include calendar with tools, event search, Google Maps integration, list view and event search, multiple style sheets, translation and cache support. This is a great event organizer in every respect.

Ajax Event Calendar

This solution combines ease of use with superb functionality so it naturally has a super high rating from numerous WP users. It supports the creation and categorization of recurring events no matter whether they are held daily, weekly, monthly or annually. You can easily navigate between events and copy and clone them, if needed. Other superb features and capabilities include mini bar side calendar, different calendar time slot intervals, event filtering based on category and multilingual support. Approved members can add and organize events as well.


This is a simple and flexible tool for event creation and management. You can create events in a separate page or in the side bar. All events and the modifications made to them will be archived. Other features which you will get include widget for theme support, location setting, separate management page and multilingual support.

With the right WordPress events plugin for your website, you will be able to bring people together and organize the most fun experiences for them.

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