The Best WordPress Directory Plugins for Every Website

If you use your WP-based website for commercial purposes or you want to provide detailed local information to users, you will certainly require a WordPress directory plugin. With it, you will be able to set up and maintain a directory easily and effectively. Check out the top picks from the tools available at present. Each one has unique advantages to offer in addition to the basic features.

Business Directory Plugin

With this WordPress directory plugin, you can create all sorts of local directories. You can readily build ones for businesses which look a lot like the traditional Yellow Pages and have the same functionality. You can have service provider listings in virtually any industry. You can have reviews which as similar to those available on Yelp. The tool is fairly easy to use. It is available for free.

Connections Business Directory

This plugin is pretty universal. You can use it for creating all sorts of directories from business to church ones. If you run a larger business, you can readily create a staff directory. This tool is highly functional and simple to use at the same time. It can be a perfect solution for your website.


This plugin is designed primarily for building local business directories. Its main advantage is its comprehensiveness. You can create multiple directories and embed short codes. You can add reviews and photos for even greater functionality and improved user experience. One of the best things is that all listings can be integrated with a fully customizable map. This will guarantee the best experience to users.

WP Local Plus

The main advantage of this WordPress directory plugin is that it has an extremely high level of automation. You simply need to click on a few buttons and you will have a ready directory or listing. You can integrate reviews and Google Maps for maximum functionality. The really great thing is that the integration of coupons is also possible. The sophisticated graphic interface is another major plus of this tool.


This plugin allows groups and organizations of different kinds to create member directories with address and phone numbers. It makes membership management easy and simple. It is extremely useful for event organizing. It has modern and elegant graphic interface so it will only add to the appeal of your website.

WP Business Directory

This plugin lets you create various directories easily and quickly. It has a range of helpful features like premium listing and search based on location. You can readily integrate a map. The plugin is fully customizable.

You can readily select a WordPress directory plugin for your website depending on the type of directory that you want to create. Make sure that it corresponds to your needs perfectly. This is important since directories require careful setup and constant management.

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