The Top 5 WordPress Chat Plugins for a More Interactive Website

You can take the communication with the users of your WordPress website one step further by installing a WordPress chat plugin. It is a superb feature which will certainly help you for gaining more visitors and forming a loyal client base. The choice of chat tools is extremely large so you will definitely benefit from checking out the top options.

Quick Chat

This is a comprehensive WordPress chat plugin which allows you to crate private chats and chat rooms for a larger number of users. You get to build user lists and to manage the entire content as it will be stored on your website’s database. The tool is designed to be hosted on your website so you will have full control over it. Some of the top features of this chat solution include admin dashboard, avatars and multilingual translation. It works effectively and without much effort on your part. You will find it highly useful.

ClickDesk Live Support – Live Chat

This is the most popular live chat tool for WordPress because it works flawlessly and offers a wide variety of features while being easy to use. The live chat features a voice chat with click to call functionality. You can take calls from the most popular instant messengers and from 40 different countries made using phones. In addition, you will get a helpdesk and a social toolbar.

The chat is multilingual and has a translation feature. All transcripts are kept. There is an uptime guarantee as well. The graphics are simple yet highly functional. You can really get everything which you want from a live chat and more including excellent performance at all times and ease of use.

wpmudev Chat

This is another great WordPress chat plugin allowing you to have a live chat with any visitor to your website. You can add this function to any page on the website. You can easily integrate it in your theme for even better user experience. The basic version is small so it will not cause your site to run more slowly. This is a simple functional product with all the main features which you require.

FlexyTalk – Live Chat

This chat solution has received excellent user rating for the wide array of advanced interactive features which it offers. The list includes Facebook integration, Google Analytics integration, avatars, 3D customer support agent image and better chat request and cloud storage for customizations made by you. This comprehensive tool has a free and premium version available.

Live Chat – Casengo

This is an excellent chat solution with great graphics and superb functionalities. It allows you to create a simple live chat and to manage it with ease. It has email and social media integration for even better customer support.

Pick the ideal WordPress chat plugin for you and start offering improved services today.

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