The 4 Leading WordPress Cache Plugins and What They Offer

You want your WordPress website to load quickly for the best user experience. For this, you will need a reliably working WordPress cache plugin. There isn’t much competition among the cache tools available for this platform so it should not be difficult for you to make a choice. Find out what the leading tools in this category have to offer.

W3 Total Cache

At the moment, this is the top rated WordPress cache plugin. It has several advantages which are worth your attention. Firstly, it is packed with all the features which you require for optimizing your website. The list includes transparent CDN management, caching of all website components including search results pages, minification of JavaScript and CSS, browser caching and support and updates. You will not have to use additional tools to get the loading speed which you require.

The plugin works perfectly in every respect and produces the results which are required. The developers even promise speed increase by 10 times with full configuration. Does it have a drawback? You will need some technical skills in order to use it effectively, preferably above average.

WP Super Cache

This is the most widely used WordPress cache plugin at the moment and its rating is extremely close to that of its major rival. It works by creating static html files for replacing the WP PHP scripts which require more time for loading. It offers both page caching and CDN. It serves the cached files using three different methods and namely mod rewrite, PHP and legacy caching.

It is extremely effective, but this is just one of its advantages. It is fairly comprehensive. It is light and super easy to load and to set up. The whole process should not take more than half an hour. It is simple to use even with someone with basic technical skills.

Quick Cache

This is another top rated WP cache tool for speeding up the loading speed of your website. It caches all of your website’s components. It serves cached content as required. This plugin has all the main features which you require for speeding up your website. Its major advantage is that it is extremely simple to use. You simply need to set it up following the instructions and it will do all the work for you. Furthermore, it is small and light so it will use a tiny portion of your server’s resources.

Hyper Cache

This tool is among the latest which have been introduced, but it has already generated a top rating and a fairly large user base. It has been especially designed for websites using low-resource hosting services. You can choose what components of your website to be cached. It manages all kinds of pages, redirects caching and uses compressed storage. This tool is light and super simple to install and to use. No special technical skills are required.

You can now choose the right WordPress ache plugin for you.

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