WordPress Backup Plugins

It is a fact that WordPress is a great website development platform in many respects, but it has practically non-existent backup. This is the reason why you need a WordPress backup plugin. You can select from a wide variety of options so it can be difficult to make the best choice. Take a closer look at the top picks at present to make up your mind.


This WordPress backup plugin has the two major benefits that every developer is looking for a high level of security and perfect ease of use. All the data is stored on a secure server. What’s more, you can select from a range of cloud storage options. You can select how frequently the site is backed and what directories to exclude. You can choose the format of the backed up files as well. The tool is extremely simple to set up and to utilize. It is available free of charge.

Online Backup for WordPress

If you want online backup that you have virtually instant access to, this may be just the right solution for you. The whole data gets stored on a server and you can get it at any time via the specially created website. You can have the backup file emailed to you as well. If you use up to 100 MB of storage space, the service is free of charge. If you require more, you will have to pay a fee.


This is an advanced WordPress backup plugin. It offers customizable scheduling and restore with just one click. It also scans your website and identifies any errors. This is an extremely helpful security capability. At the same time, it is simple to use even for those with basic technical skills. It features a specialist service which provides further assistance with security and backup. The plugin is paid. It comes with a monthly fee.


This tool allows you to back up each and every feature of your website without exception. It allows you to transfer your entire website to a new host server easily and quickly and this is its main advantage. The plugin is available for free, but you will have to pay for commercial support.


With this plugin, you can back up your entire website with just a few clicks of the mouse button. All the data is securely stored. The tool is extremely easy to use thanks to its simple interface. It is perfectly reliable. You should also know that it is paid.

You can readily select the ideal WordPress backup plugin for you based on your individual requirements and preferences. The important thing is not to procrastinate the making of this choice. You need reliable backup at all times since all kinds of things can go wrong. You would not want to leave the results from your hard work unprotected.


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