3 Reasons Why You Should Use Terms of Services

The terms of services is used by websites and internet service providers for legal purposes to store, maintain and use the information collected from the customer. It is a legal bond between the website and the user and it is not required by the law for every website. If the user does not abide by the regulations mentioned in the same, he can be disconnected or prevented from using the website in the future.

You can have terms of services on your website for the following reasons.

  1. Guidelines can be set for users to prevent abuse or misuse of the website contents. If the website is user oriented where the users are allowed to generate and post their comments, having a terms of service can prevent spamming or use of abusive language to an extent.
  2. If you want the ownership of your logo, web content including user generated content as well, it can be mentioned in terms of service of your website to prevent complications.
  3. The terms of services can include a statement on your liability about the website contents, and also set ground rules, especially if it is a user oriented site.

Terms of service generators are available in plenty online and can be used for free to generate the same in no time. It is a convenient solution, but not always the best choice as you may be agreeing to terms and conditions you are not really aware of and can land you into trouble.

There are a few reasons mentioned below why you should be careful while using the online terms of service generators.

  1. Online terms of service generators are always not reliable to the fullest as they may contain outdated information which has not been reviewed for a long time. This can cause risk factors when generating the agreements and lead to legal hassle.
  2. Sometimes the content generated by the online services may not be specific enough and can cause confusion due to lack of clarity in the statements.
  3. Most of the policies and agreements generated by the terms of service generators online are customer friendly. This may sound good at first but it will end up from being client friendly to absolute atrocity in no time, landing you in legal trouble.

If you have a website and wish to take things forward in a responsible and hassle free manner, think twice before using a terms of service generator on the internet. The better option is always to seek help from a terms and conditions lawyer.

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