How to 301 Redirect Using 301 Redirect htaccess

301 redirect is a user friendly and efficient way of webpage redirection. A webpage redirection refers to redirecting one webpage or website to another. There are multiple types of URL redirect and one of them is the 301. This redirection can be obtained by the 301 htaccess redirect process.

301 redirects indicate:

  • Moved permanently.
  • Passed page rank and link equity.
  • Use new URL from now on.

Need for 301 redirect:

When you alter the name of website domain, a subfolder in the website or even a single webpage of the website, you use a URL redirect to make sure all the traffic on the old site comes to the new site. Many web-designers use the 301.

For example, if a company owns a website. Let’s say and there is a specific page called

And they wish to change it to

By changing it without using 301 redirect they will lose all the traffic on the old page. But by using redirect the old traffic is redirected to your new page. This 301 redirection can take place by the following ways:

  • Code redirect
  • Htaccess redirect

Why do 301 redirect htaccess

Redirecting is important when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization. For example if you have a website and it had a lot of incoming links but when you shift to a new domain you do not have any incoming links as it is a new site.

In this situation 301 htaccess redirecting helps especially if you own a e-commerce company.

Though there are many Redirects like IIS redirect, ColdFusion redirect, PHP redirect, ASP redirect, redirect, JSP (Java) redirect, CGI PERL redirect, htaccess redirect and ruby on rails redirect.

In spite of the many type the 301 redirect htaccess is preferred as:

  • It is not hard to implement.
  • It also preserves your search engine rankings for that particular page.

Redirecting using htaccess redirect

To 301 redirect htaccess all you need to do is create an .htaccess file with a suitable code. It will ensure that all the old directories are directed to new domain.

Some of the websites that offer a help writing htaccess codes are as follows:

This intakes a few parameters and generates a code to be put in the root directory so that it can direct with an ease.

  • 301 redirect code generator:>web>tools

It helps permanently redirect PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML etc. by generating codes for 301 redirection.

Hence, using these sites 301 redirect htaccess can be performed. The 301 redirect will ensure that the traffic on your old website is directed towards your new URL making sure your pre-earned following is restored.

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