5 WordPress YouTube Plugins for the Best Video Experience

At present, YouTube is not only the largest video portal but one of the most vibrant social networks. That is why no WP website can go without a WordPress YouTube Plugin. In fact, you can use several different ones to make the video experience of your site’s users even more fun. Check out 5 great picks that will certainly take your website to the next multimedia level.

Smart YouTube Pro

Smart YouTube PRO Plugin

This plugin is considered mandatory. It allows you to embed YouTube videos into your website’s content easily and quickly. Some of the best extra features include the option to create various playlists, auto play, vide thumbnail extraction and deep linking. It is worth pointing out that this tool works not only with videos from this portal. It allows you to use videos from its major rivals as well. It is certainly great to have flexibility.


TubePress Plugin

This is one of the most popular and top rated plugins designed to help you organize the YouTube videos on your website in a gallery. You can readily adjust the settings in line with your preferences and requirements. You can choose which videos to add and tweak the thumbnails, player, meta, theme and feed. You will enjoy huge flexibility for creating a totally unique video gallery.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

This plugin is designed to help users to follow a YouTube channel while on your site. All you have to do is to insert the created widget into a side bar and the channel will be automatically linked. You can do the same with a playlist as well. You can adjust the settings of the widget as you like. You can show and hide controls, titles, descriptions and links. It gives you additional language options as well.

IFRAME Embed For YouTube

IFRAME Embed For YouTube

This is a really simple tool which allows you to replace the iframe tag with a short code which accepts the same params as the original tag. This makes the embedding of content from YouTube and other websites with video on them a breeze. This tool is quite helpful for all WP website managers who want to have video content.

You can make your website more fun with the use of YouTube videos in more ways than one. Use each and every WP plugin that you find suitable for your site given its content and theme.

Sliding YouTube Gallery

With this tool, you can easily create a sliding Ajax video gallery which is easy to use and which will enhance the experience for your site’s users greatly. The gallery doesn’t take much space and navigation is a breeze. It is fully customizable to match the style of your website. You can add videos from playlists and channels. The videos can be watched in a fancybox player.

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