WordPress Tips – What you should know about WordPress

This is free software that is used for blogging and placed on PHP and MySQL. It uses web hosting services. It is commonly used on websites and by August 2013 around 15million sites had used it. It has won several awards because it provides good and professional service for example, in 2007 it got CMS award (Packt open source).

It was first liberated in 23rd may 2003 by those who founded it, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Features of WordPress

  1. Word press is simple to work with. The installation process and upgrading is easy and simple to do.

  2. Word press comes with a collection of themes that enable one to create a very good website.

  3. It comprises of multiple plugins that enable users to access sites easier.

  4. Word press is designed in a way to provide options for writing comments.

  5. Word press supports search engine optimization features and it provides the best mechanics for SEO.

  6. It supports multi languages and in case a person wants a website in any other language apart from English, using word press is able to get.

  7. Word press provides a way to maintain and the access for many visitors on the website. It is able to handle the contributions from many users of a site.

  1. It provides tools that help one to publish and easily manage your sites well. This is by providing a tool that can help privatize a site and an option for passwords.

  1. Word press has a full conformity system, these standards are provided by W3C and that allows one to create a site that can be used currently and even in the future.

  1. With WordPress you can create your pages, format and publish your contents easily.

  1. Word press is flexible, one can be able to create any form of website using it. You can create private blogs and other type of a blog.

What is required for WordPress;

  • PHP version 5.2.4

  • MySQL version 5.0

Advantages of using WordPress to design a business website

  1. A business is able to have an increased number of people who access their sites. This is because WordPress provides SEO options and plugin which help advance your pages thus being able to generate attract more people who visit the page.

  2. It provides money earning opportunities- it provides plugins, widgets and other options which enable a business to generate income through using them. These plugins can facilities operational online store and enable payments which will generate more income for the business.

  3. Word press provides options and menus for users to access the page easily. Through easier access online users are able to get what they needed and purchase.

  4. Help in evaluating figures of those who visited a site – Word press provides plugins that assist a business in analyzing the number of times a user visited their sites and through this a business is in a position to evaluate and know what to do in order to improve where and how.

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