8 Tips to Purchase Domains – Easy Guide

Purchase Domain Guide and Tips – Here are some important things to remember:


Number 1:  You should think about all of the factors that could possibly influence the value, and price when choosing a specific domain name.  With this being mentioned, the cost of a certain domain will depend on a lot of things, especially the length (how many words numbers in it), how easy it is to spell, and also how much traffic is drawn to it without anyone prompting it.  A nice and short word name (dog.com) will generally cost a lot more, because the smaller the title the more potential it has.  Which means that a lot of traffic might already come to it, without you having to do anything.

  • Some people believe that intentionally misspelling the domain might help draw traffic.  Studies have shown that doing this will actually cause a site to lose traffic.  Although, you could buy variations of your domain, and direct them to your main site, which could help direct traffic.
  • You should try to avoid using any characters examples are “_-*#” These are not helpful, and could possibly invert your web traffic.

Number 2:ICANN-accredited domain name registrar is recommended.  Although, it is an expensive and long process, it lets you know that the company is committed to the website.

Number 3:  You should be sure that you are able to have full control of every part of your domain.  There are a lot of web site registration companies that will not allow you to your domain by yourself.  Some will make you submit a request through some type of support system.  This will cause an unwanted delay for you.  Certain easy things such as making a change to an IPS tag should be done through a control panel instantly.

Number 4:  Research and find out if there is any types of fees that are involved with transferring or releasing your personal domain. There are companies out there that will charge you every single time that you want to do this, which is completely unfair and not necessary if you have already purchase domain.

Number 5:  Pay attention to if they are going to include any email accounts with your domain purchase.  There are a lot of companies that do not include this, so be sure to look for the ones that do.  There are some companies that will only offer 1 or 2, but there are some that offer up to 20 with your purchase of a domain.

Number 6: If they do give you email accounts, be sure that you receive SMTP server access for your outgoing mail.  Again, there are many domain registration providers that will actually not give this to you.  They think that you will be able to send an email through the provider of your internet server.  You want to have the option since it’s your purchased domain, so make sure that you research for the SMTP access also.

Number 7:  Be sure that you have retained full control of your purchase domain.  Did you know that there is 100s of companies who are hosting a website, but they are not happy with their web host.  The reason is because of the low quality service, the secret invoices, and all the downtown/email problems their web host has.  A lot of these companies want to just fire their web host if they could.  Most of them don’t do anything about it, because it would take too much time to do.

Number 8:  You should always be sure to register your purchase domain only through your name.  If you do not do this, it is very possible that you could lose the domain that you purchased over night.  Your site might expire, or you could have a fall out with the person that set it up for you, and that is when the problems may happen.


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