Step By Step Guide to Use Picnik Photo Editor

Photos can be called the frozen pieces of our memories. They are the way with which we can go to those times to which we would like to go and stay there as long as we are with the photo of those times. We may not bring back the times we laughed, danced, lived, but we can have the reminisces of them and whenever we get depressed photos remind us that there are times that we lived the life to the fullest at some point and those times can come back if we try. Hence such important pieces of memories must be stored beautifully.

Neither all of us are photographers nor can we hire a photographer to cover our daily activities and click something when the moment comes. We got to do that for ourselves. It is not a big problem since in today’s life nearly everyone has a camera or a mobile with a camera. But it is not guaranteed that a moment is captured perfectly for various reasons like bad lighting or poor background color or dark complexions. The solution to all these problems is a photo editor. Photo editor like picnik gives a perfect photo after editing and one need not worry about any of the above said problems anymore.

Steps to edit pictures in Picnik:

Getting started:

One may get confused by the many options the photo editor like picnik provides and it is then one has to follow the instructions. The site asks us to sign up, but we have an option of editing pictures without signing up. The decision is ours anyway.


The first step after getting cozy with the editor is that the photo has to be uploaded. It can be our picture or the sample one provided there or any other available one.

Using editing options:

Cropping is like cutting a picture according to our priority. We can leave everything that we do not want to enter the picture outside the crop box and only the amount of picture in the crop box is our picture.

  • Resize: if the picture is too large or too small, we can enlarge it or shrink it according to our need.
  • Saturation: this option brightens or darkens a photo. We can remove the light if there is excess of it in the photo or increase the light if we want to brighten the scenario.
  • Temperature: this option maintains the white balance of the photo.
  • Exposure: this option is also like saturation. That is it either darkens or lightens the photo according to our wish.
  • Contrast: this is an interesting option and it brightens only the objects but not the background. In other words it makes the difference in the colors of the background and the object more visible.
  • Sharpening: this option makes a blur photo more focused. In other words, this option increases the fineness of a photo by defining the edges more specifically.
  • Fixing red eye: the most awful feature of a photo is getting a red eye and this option removes the red eye of a person in a photo.
  • Save: by this option we can save the photo.
  • Share: with this final option we can share the picture with the world.

These are few steps to use photo editor like picnik and one need to visit the site directly to experience more.

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