Online Shopping Websites in India – Cash on Delivery

If you are one amongst those millions of Indians who are crazy about online shopping and want to reap the benefits out of shopping from the comfort of your own places then this article is something you should go through like a Bible, as we get you a sneak peek to the top shopping sites in India.  Gone are the days when people used to throng the malls to make their purchases, these days quite a number of people prefer online shopping in India. This has led to a long list of websites in India being started. So to make it easier for you, we get to you the top 10 online shopping sites in India. After going through this article you will have a detailed idea of the shopping portals and for what product, which is the best shopping site in India.


Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce website that was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Bangalore. Flipkart started with selling books and later ventured into electronic goods and have recently started selling clothing apparels too on its website. Its cash-on-delivery system is credited for a huge amount of its success. It is very popular for selling mobile phones at cheap prices. Its products are of extremely good quality and the delivery and payment system is 100 per cent secured. With its rich popularity and sublime products, flipkart is undoubtedly one of the best website in India.


Jabong claims to be India’s best shopping website. It is a lifestyle and fashion e-commerce website launched in the year 2012. It sells footwear, clothing apparels, furniture, home décor, accessories etc. Its website boasts of products of over 1000 brands and 90,000 in number (products). Jabong follows a managed market place as well as inventory model. The best feature about this website is that it offers products on the same day in the NCR region and within 2 to 3 days in other parts of India (a spectacular service making it the fastest website in India). Jabong also features amongst the best shopping websites in India cash on delivery service and has thus been one of the biggest shopping destinations in the country taking more than 7,000 orders in a single day (on an average)


When it comes to the purchase of clothing apparels Myntra is the go-to website. Myntra is an online e-commerce website for fashion and lifestyle products. Its headquarters is in Banglore. It is very well known for the clothing apparels and footwear it has got in its assortment ranging over thousands of brands. Myntra is also popular and liked by many online shoppers for its mega offers and high discounts. Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has teamed up with Myntra and launched his own brand of casual lifestyle products named HRX. Thus myntra is amongst the best website in India and is indubitably the number one when it comes to footwear and clothing apparels.


e-bay is an American multinational consumer to consumer internet commerce corporation. It has expanded to India a few years ago and has quickly become one of the best online shopping websites in India. It is an online shopping website where a wide variety and number of products can be purchased and sold by brands or individual customers. e-bay has won the accolade of ‘world’s online marketplace’. E-bay has also got a unique online auction service available on its website. The most striking feature about this is that almost every product that can be sold online is readily available on its website. But, while making a purchase, it is to be kept in mind the credibility of the seller is safe and secure enough. E-bay also offers a myriad of payment option making it very feasible for customers to transact online. All these feature make e-bay one of the best online shopping websites in India and on the wider scale in the world as well.

Rediff Shopping

Shopping.rediff is a service provided by the popular Indian search engine Shopping here is one of the safest methods in India. It also offers a number of attractive discounts on its products. On registering with our e-mail address, [email protected] rediff offers additional 25 per cent discount to its customer. It has almost every category of product for sale on its website with a few being clothing for men and women, kitchen appliance, mobiles, computers, laptops, electronics, car accessories, home décor etc. Shopping at rediff also comes with cash on delivery option and offers 100 per cent secure transaction to its customers. It is currently offering a number of discounts and offers under the New Year festive season discount banner. Shopping.rediff is also rated highly by its customers and sells thousands of products each day to over 2000 locations in India. Thus shopping.rediff is one of India’s best online shopping sites.


Yebhi has to be one of the largest shopping destinations in the country when it comes to setting up your wardrobe. It was launched back in 2009 and has come to the limelight in a very short span of time. From footwear to jewellery, from bags and watches to clothing; all the products of rich quality and variety are readily available on Yebhi has recently begun the sale of mobile phones on its website and has been doing a fairly decent job on that regard as well. It comes with a tag of ‘endless shopping’ speaking for itself. It has products of the best brands in its collection including woodland, nike, reebok, puma, etc. It has a user base of 15 lakh people. It has also started to offer mobile recharges recently. Thus the quality and versatility of has earned the regards of Indian’s best online shopping website.


Tradus is owned by the ibibo group. Tradus is most popular for the books and clothes that its website has to offer to its customers. It has also ventured into the electronic goods and has sold quite a few products of that category as well. Beauty and cosmetics, kid’s toys, vehicle accessories, wallets and sunglasses, home décor etc are the categories whose products are now available on the website. Tradus is also well known for its exciting discount offers and is currently offering 15 per cent off on its products. A new feature of selling products on tradus has also been started. Tradus is also well known for the quick delivery of its purchases.


Amazon is a very well renowned e-commerce website in the world. Very recently it has entered into the Indian market and has been prospering since then. It is basically US based. Amazon is next to e-bay when it comes to e-commerce worldwide. It has millions of products of thousands of categories to offer to its customers on its website. Amazon also has got one of the highest number of payment options. It is world’s largest online retailer and is now raising high quickly in India. Amazon is already amongst the top 10 best online shopping websites in the country. Amazon also offers to its customers 100 per cent safe and secured transaction and thus is a very popular for online shopping in India.


Snapdeal is a very popular online market place with its headquarters in the capital of India (New Delhi). The company was started in early 2010, later expanded to an e-commerce website; and has been rising and rising since then. Today snapdeal is the most popular online shopping website. It has partnership with e-bay. In November 2013, it was voted as the cheapest online store for mobile phones in India. Snap Deal also offers great and exciting deals on various products of various categories. Snapdeal has recently launched its mobile app for iOS users. With all these to boast about, snap deal is amongst India’s best online shopping websites.


Little known by many people, future bazaar still makes it to the top online shopping websites in India. It boasts of very wide and diverse categories of products on its website. It has home décor, kitchen appliances, bed and bath equipment, electronic items, mobile phones, computers and laptops, toys and games for kids, footwear etc available for purchase on its website. The best purchases for the day are available under the banner of ‘best deals’ on its website. The latest in the market products are available udner ‘new arrivals’ category. Futurebazaar also has an efficient customer feedback system in which valuable inputs can be given to the website for their betterment. It has now delivered in over 2000 cities and can safely be said to lie amongst the top online shopping websites in India.

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