Online Jobs: 7+ Ways to Work from Home

The whole concept of online jobs and work from home is to work when time is at your disposal, which means that time is a slave for you and not the other way around. And this is for those who specially have other tasks to handle other than generating their own income, like housewives, students, and even people who have jobs for a side income. Most importantly you can make money online by simply sitting on your PC which has a internet connection to it. So you have your office at home.

There has been a drop in online jobs because the rate of crime online has increased and people have lost trust on the money making companies.  But this needs to proven that not all of them are fake there are several genuine websites and companies who do provide you money for the work you have done for them.

With the current space technology called the internet at our disposal we are bound to do something or the other interesting which will not only be fun but will also get some cash into our pockets. But with the rise of technology there is also a rise in theft. Fake companies take in money and in return will promise you more money in return for working. One needs to aware of all possible situations that he or she may have to face, and here I am to give some guidelines to follow before you jump into the online money making world:

The first step you must take into consideration is research:

Before you start working you must do a thorough background check on the website or the company you planning to work for. This is done by using a search engine or even asking friends and relatives about it. You may choose the kind of online work that you would be interested in doing, from the following list. This is just an overview of what it exactly is.


There are many kinds of online jobs you can do from home:

Article Writing

You need to have a control over a particular language, especially English, if you want to do these kinds of jobs “Article Writing“. You are provided with a particular topic, it can be a newsletter, or can be a project report and even blogs related to current affairs, technology, and history and many other ongoing topics.


Blogging is a very good source of income, but you need to regularly keep updating posts. Once you have sufficient amount of visitors watching your blog daily, you can add advertisements on to your website. Affiliate programs are too available, where you get money for referring people to visit their website or product. Few companies that provide ads are Google Adsense, Chitika, infolinks, and find out the 5 Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives.

Uploading Videos

Uploading videos on YouTube is also a smart way for income, but you do need to have some unique content to display in the videos which will attract them to share them to friends and relatives.

Online Surveys

Various big brands like Nokia, McDonalds, Samsung and several others need feedback or review on a new or even old product that they are introducing in the market. But before investing huge amounts they first set this on a few set of people and take in their feedback with online surveys.


Certain important documents need to re-checked and verified because a single mistake may lead to huge losses. Proof-reading is basically rechecking whether the content written is in a proper format and has been written in proper language.

Data Entry

In this set of jobs you either have to create an excel sheet for the data provided to you or you may have to create a whole new list by searching for email addresses and phone numbers of various people or organizations.

Online Marketing

Referring people to use a certain website or even buy products can help you fill in your pockets. Few companies have smartly blended their products with online marketing, thus benefiting them in huge numbers.

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The list goes on and on and on


  1. Avoid Working for organizations that ask you for money for more money. But not all online companies that ask for money as security deposit are fake there are several online websites that do pay you for your job.

  2. Do survey around and do your homework before you do invest in such schemes

You do get organizations that pay you for your services without asking for an initial investment. Few may be pretty slow the others are moderate. So you have to choose wisely too in such matters too.


Here are a couple of websites that I would personally like to share and do actually pay as I am using them at the moment.

  1. For article writing we have in this you can earn as much as 1.62$ for 300 words in an article and as you gain reputation this can go up to 7$ for the same 300 words.

  2. For multiple purposes like programming, data entry, copy pasting, pdf to word, designing etc, The income varies depending on the task.

  3. For survey type jobs you have valued opinions, and globaltestmarket. Surveys start from as low as 0.5 $ and may even go up to 2$ for each survey.

  4. For earning through clicking ads and playing games you have Continuously working for 6 months 15 minutes a day you can earn around 40$. The other sites would be recommended rather than trying this one.

These are just a few of the website that I have tried out, and lately have not searched for any newer ones.


Even though there is negative news spread around the world that most of the Online jobs are fake, many people just by the word fake get repelled and have a negative feeling in the back of their head. But if you ask me personally, I would definitely recommend you to start searching for more and more online jobs, as it is pretty convenient and does pay.

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