Nook or Kindle: A Detailed Review on Two Leading e-book Readers

Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook are two of the most leading e-book readers dominating the market today.

In this article we will explore what is a kindle, what is a nook, a little about kindle books and how to find free kindle books, buying amazon books kindle format, a little about kindle books on i-pad, little about nook book, how to get free nook books and more about that.

After seeing what is a kindle and what is a nook we shall also compare the both and ask the big question of Kindle Versus nook and a debate the question of nook or kindle.

Reasons for the Nook or kindle amazon revolution

The whole new e-book revolution is steered by the following social and economic changes worldwide:

  • Increase in technological amenities
  • Growing environment awareness
  • Small living spaces
  • Reduced affinity towards books and literature
  • The ease and accessibility of finding any book anywhere
  • Stricter and more defined intellectual property laws
  • Growth in satellite system and internet accessibility
  • The comfort of online buying
  • The wider plethora of options available

Exploiting these very changes e-books and e-book readers came into picture. Today either the kindle or nook has replaces the convectional paperback books in every house hold.

What is a kindle?

The Amazon Kindle is the leading brand in the e-book reader series. Kindle devices are designed and marketed by Kindle devices are not just mere book readers they allow the readers to:

  • Shop kindle books
  • Download amazon kindle books
  • Browse free books for kindle
  • Read free kindle books

It is not just made to read kindle books but can also be used to read newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media via Internet also known as wireless networking.

The screen of a kindle looks like a real book in shades of grey. Amazon kindle books can be brought of free books for kindle can be downloaded using amazon patented “whispernet” wireless technology.

Kindle books that are brought can also be read on android phones.

Now that you are aware of what is a kindle, I’m sure you have an urge to own one.

It is easy to buy a kindle online. There are numerous websites online from where you can buy a kindle as well as a kindle books. The benefits of buying online are numerous:

  • Convenience
  • Affordable price
  • Wider market
  • More to choose from
  • Discounts on products
  • Market analysis can be done
  • Quick delivery

After knowing what is a kindle, we have to know what kindle books are. Kindle books are e-books in the format that can be read using an Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle books can be brought online via:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Amazon whispernet

However the Kindle would not read all book formats. It uses a few basic kindle book formats, including AZW and TXT. Thought other books can be imported to kindle book formats it faces small problems.

Kindle books can be in the following formats:

  • Word
  • HTML
  • MOBI
  • ePub
  • Rich Text Format
  • Plain Text
  • Adobe PDF

How to download amazon books on kindle:

The following are the ways to get Amazon books on kindle:

  1. Make sure kindle is connected to your Amazon
  2. Turn on your kindle
  3. Press menu button
  4. Select “shop in kindle store”
  5. Click on books to view the kindle books
  6. Choose the genre of the amazon kindle books
  7. Use the arrows to navigate around the books
  8. Press enter when you reach the kindle book you want
  9. To read review click on more
  10. Press back button which will take you back to the list

To purchase amazon books for kindle:

  1. Click the “buy” button to the right of the description, if you have found the kindle book you want.
  2. Wait for the message saying your book is being sent via whispernet.
  3. Click on home button and your kindle book should be first on list
  4. Click on title begin reading your kindle book.

How to download non-amazon books on kindle:

Though you kindle works amazingly when connected to amazon it often cannot read other files. But following are ways to read it:

  • Transferring files by email to the kindle and then reading
  • Transferring files through the USB
  • Transferring using dropbox

Kindle books on iPad

As the amazon kindle grew in popularity not only due to its obvious benefits in its application but also because of the relatively low cost. Most people us both an iPad and a kindle.

But some choose to have a kindle account without having a kindle; this is because they get access kindle books on iPad, which is preferred as there are more books in kindle books than iBook.

And to access kindle books on iPad the following steps can be followed:

  1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPad’s home page to open the app store
  2. There is a search plane to the top right, type kindle in it
  3. Click the search button
  4. The kindle app shows.
  5. Click on the free button next to it
  6. Then tap on install app
  7. Sign in or type your password in the screen that appears
  8. Press ok to begin installing the app

How to download kindle books on iPad

  1. Open the kindle app icon on home screen of iPod. Tapping the icon will launch the app.
  2.  Register your kindle by entering the amazon account details that you use for your account.
  3. All the previous amazon kindle books purchased will appear. Tap on the cover of any of the kindle books to start download.
  4. Once downloaded you can read kindle books on iPad.

Best places to get free kindle books

There are so many free kindle books available that you can go for your full life without having to purchase a book. It is easier to get free books for kindle than what people make it look like. Below is a list of few websites where kindle free books are available.


  • When you see a free kindle book get it as soon as possible
  • Verify that the price is 0.00$
  • Don’t give important credit card details without verifying

Websites to get free books for kindle:

  1. Amazon’s Free Kindle Ebooks (free amazon books kindle format)
  2. Pixel of Ink (great place to find free kindle books)
  3. Overdrive through your public library (borrow free kindle books)
  4. Book lending
  5. eReaderIQ
  6. Project Gutenberg
  7. Hundred Zeroes
  8. FreeBooksy
  10. Open Library
  13. DigiLibraries
  14. Kindle Buffet
  15. World Library

Now that we know all about what is a kindle and the kind of kindle books and how to download these books. And also, about how to get free kindle books.

Let us move on to the counterpart of kindle. Nooks!

Like we discussed for kindles let us start by knowing what is a nook?

What is a nook?

The Barnes & Noble Nook is a brand of e-readers developed by an American book retailer Barnes & Noble. Unlike kindle this is based on android platform.

The original nook included:

  • Wi-Fi
  • AT&T 3G
  • Six-inch e-paper display
  • Separate touch screen

Nook free reading apps can be used in the following mediums.

  1. For computer are compatible in both
  • Mac
  • Windows PC
  1. For smart phones
  • Android
  • iPhone ( & also iPod touch)
  1. For tablets
  • Android tablets
  • iPad
  • NOOK kids for iPad
  • Windows RT

How to buy nook books using your nook.

Nooks are used to read digital editions of books and periodicals. This e-reader that’s being facilitated by Barnes and Noble, offers a wide range of nook books.

The following steps will get you closer to your nook boo

Step 1: open an account with Barnes and Noble

You’ll need an account with credit or debit card on file to buy books for your Barnes and Noble Nook book.

You will be able to use your account and shop for nook books and download free nook books as soon as you create an account.

Register your nook with your Barnes and Noble account. This process will synchronise you with the Barnes & Noble library where you can borrow free books for nook.

You will also need to provide the serial number for your nook.

Step 2: open your nook and power it up

Step 3: turn on the Wi-Fi option on your nook

Step 4: tap on the shop icon

Step 5: choose a shopping option

Highlight the “ebooks” option to purchase the nook books.

Step 6: Find the nook book you want to read from the list of nook books

Your nook will now display the e-books offered by Barnes and Noble.

You can scroll up and down to make your choice on the nook books.

Step 7: decide if you want to buy the book

Several options will be made available for you while buying including:

  • Buying nook books
  • Download free books for nook
  • Getting free samples of nook books
  • See overview of book
  • Add book to your e-wish list

Select the appropriate option that you want.

Step 8: Confirm Purchase

Tap on “buy now” button. You can also cancel your purchase in this case.

Step 9: Look for your book in nook library

The purchased book will be directly sent to the nook library.

Places to find free nook books and how to download free books for nook:

The list below is of the most popular sites to get free nook books. The below list will guide you with the knowledge of how many free nook books can be found and how easily and legally nook books free can be downloaded.

Some important things to be considered while receiving your nook book free:

  • The most important is the DRM. It stands for Digital rights Management and it prevents from opening the files illegally. This was introduced to protect the intellectual property rights. It prevents opening of files on unauthorized devices.
  • Find the most compatible format, EPUB is one and the other is PDF.  But PDF is less comfortable to read than EPUB. But in case the free nook books contain a lot of pictures, tables and charts.
  • Look for free samples of nook books before you decide to buy any.
  • And one more important thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to buy a nook to read nook books. To read nook books you can download free nook book apps.

These apps are available for iPad & iPhone, or tablets and smartphones with Android and Windows 8 system. You can also pick up an app that will let you read nook books in the browser.

10 sites with free Nook Books

  1. Nook Store:

Checking for availability of the free nook book is very important. Here DRM limits the number of options you have but free nook books here come with the convenience of managing and using the documents more easily.

Also the free nook book is synced with all the devices. One point to be noted is that nook books for free are synced but the free samples are not.

One way to get free books for nook on the nook store is called Nook free Fridays, every week one or more books are offered for free.

  1. Project Gutenberg:

It is the top place to download classic nook books for free. In this website all books are for free. It’s possible that elsewhere you will find same titles but you’ll have to pay.

  1. Smashwords:

It’s the top place to find free nook books written by independent authors. You can

  • Download free books for nook
  • Read nook books free online
  1. Internet Archive:

It is a digital library consisting of millions of text, audio and video files. You can read nook books free here.

  1. Open Library

Open library is an initiative of Internet archive. It’s the most popular among its kind. The best part is that you can find different editions of the same free nook book with different directories to download.

Kindle vs nook: which e-book reader to choose?

Kindle or Nook has been a crucial question that critics have been trying to figure out. Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon are the biggest giants when it comes to e-book readers. They have been constantly evolving and making changes to compete with each other.

With this the battle of Nook versus Kindle has become more close and the choice between Nook or Kindle more difficult.

Following is the analysis of nook vs kindle taking into account some of the factors, hope this helps you make the choice weather to choose a kindle or nook.

Kindle versus nook in terms of E-ink and Light

The most important part of any eBook is its display. Unlike tablets, both B&N and Amazon have screens that replicate the look of ink on paper, this helps them get a great battery life. The key to good e-paper are

  • Contrast between text and background
  • Crisp text even at small sizes
  • Speedy refresh

Kindle uses the newest technology while Nook is a generation behind. Nooks light is bluer hence straining the eyes lesser than Kindle.

Nook versus Kindle in terms of design consideration and ease of usability

The earlier version of Nook’s physical page turns of button are a big plus since it gave the eBook lovers the freedom and flexibility in how and when they read. And nook’s design is such that it can be switched between left and right hands comfortably.

But the current nook has lost the appreciated buttons along with some wait. Now it is sleeker and still has enough bezel to rest the thumbs as you read.

Both kindle and nook are evenly matched in terms of looks and design, weight and shape. Both are easy to hold for long hours of reading.

However, because nook has lost its buttons without making adjustments to turn pages with ease nook loses out on design. Kindle’s EasyReach tap zones overcome this hence gaining it a upper hand.

Nook vs. Kindle in terms of performance

Kindle responds a hair faster than the nook while turning pages. Otherwise both react to taps and keyboard inputs as fast as we’d expect and also downloaded books quickly while on Wi-Fi.

This fast speed is majorly attributed to the efficient e-inks in both.

Nook versus Kindle in terms of reading extras

Though both platforms offer notes and highlight that sync across devices and apps, dictionary lookup and the ability to lend books to friends for 2 weeks. Nook doesn’t go beyond this whereas kindle has a big list of applications.

Kindle Vs. Nook when it comes to buying/Loading and DRM

Shopping for nook books is more enjoyable.

Amazon has a far larger library.

Kindle Versus Nook when it comes to Public Lending Library

Amazon has made the process to lend a book easier than that of nook.

Nook Vs. Kindle when it comes models, pricing and Ads

We can conclude that it is a tie when it comes to the price. As the prices of both are compatible and reasonable according to the offers they offer.

Hence, after going through what is a kindle, what kindle books are, how to download free kindle books and seeing what is a nook, what nook books are, how to download free nook books and finally debating nook versus kindle. All the facts are well put for you to make the choice, nook or kindle, which one would you want to own.

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