How to Create an Impressive Image as Blogger

This is one of the questions which are faced by many. It seems to be an easy task if we read others’ blogs but if we go through the process of creating a blog and maintaining it, we will come to know the actual difficulties. There are best free blogging platform available which are frequently used by people to blog in cyberspace. Since even many professionals are writing blogs and not just writers, it is important to everyone to know the tips and tricks of writing and maintaining a blog picking best blogging platform.

Do not choose a design which would be sour to the eyes of the reader : Design is the first thing that a reader sees when a blog is visited and if it creates head ache to him/her with its color and texture, there is a fair chance that the reader goes away without reading the content. It doesn’t mean that the design has to be a dull one either. Since there is a saying, ‘face is the index of the mind’ and since the design is like face to a blog, it has to be maintained properly in order to create interest but not make the reader sick. There are blogging platform that offers inbuilt designs that can be brought to practice by the user.

Logo: The logo has to be selected according to the content of a blog. If we are maintaining a company blog then the logo must be in such a way that it immediately suggest that the blog is dedicated to it and not in any other way. Generally the blogging platform you use has the guidelines to make your blog appealing. If it is maintained for personal use, then the logo should suggest what a reader is going to find in the blog. In simple words, the logo should not confuse the reader about the content of the blog.

Font selection: This is another factor which depends on the type of content. If it is a personal blog then it is the wish of the writer but if it is a professional then some rules should be followed. The font should be selected in such a way that it makes the blog looks professional. In any case one must take care that there would not be too many font changes in the blog. It would take away the seriousness of the blog. It should not be taken care that the font must not be too big or too small, both of which would kill the interest to go through the complete article of the blog.

Create search engine optimized (SEO) blogs: The best blogging platform these days prefer SEO content. If we use images or symbols in our blog too much, then it would be difficult for that blog to be found through a search engine. It means that we ourselves are making our blog unavailable to the readers. Hence, for the blog to reach the reader in a wide way, we should always keep in mind that the links which would lead to the blog must be in text rather than images or symbols or any other formats.

Maintain consistency: Consistency has to be maintained in the style of writing the blog. It has to be kept in mind that if we write different posts in different styles, the readers may come to a conclusion that we do not have a style of our own and loses interest in reading the blog.

These are some of the tips which would make a blog impressive and interesting.

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