4 Reasons How Google Short Links Helps Your Business

Shortening of URL is a recent development in the internet. It is a process through which the length of a website’s URL is shortened still retaining its direction. As you might have seen before, URLs are long and very hard to type completely. A shortened URL is a solution for that. This is achieved using an HTTP redirect on a domain name. Google has its own URL shortner called goo.gl. Commonly called as the Google URL Shortner.

The purpose of Google short links is to reduce the number of characters in the URLs of your favorite websites and make it suitable for share through twitter, mails and other apps which limit the number of characters in their message. Google short link service was announced in 2009 following the phenomenal growth of URL shortening services. It is natural to wonder what exactly this shortening of URLs is. So, we will take a tour through some interesting facts about Google short links.

Google Url ShortenerUsing Google URL Shortner

Using Google URL Shortner is pretty easy and doesn’t require much time. Just go to the goo.gl, which is the URL shortening service of Google and paste the URL you want to shorten. Click on the shorten button next to the bar. The processed and shortened URL will be seen in the small box on the right hand side.

Advantages of Google tiny URLs

Google tiny URLs, the shortened URLs from goo.gl have many advantages.

  • Google URL shorten provides good security. If the URL that you pasted to shorten is a malware, spam or anything harmful. Google URL shortner will point that out.
  • Stability: you have Google’s legendary stability. So go on, shorten as much as you want
  • Fast processing: the shortening takes place in milliseconds.
  • If you want to know how much clicks are being made on your URL shortened through Google URL shortner, you have the analytics facility

Uses of Google short link

Uses of short links are numerous. The stability and security of Google shorts links makes it possible that they could be used also for business purposes. SEO is one field that extensively uses Google tiny URLs.


Google tiny URLs entice interest among people. This makes up for larger traffic. Tiny URLs with a good picture or some intriguing info naturally incites a curiosity in us and this is a temptation for clicks. Of course not all tiny URLs would be safe, some of them contain malware and other harmful material. Your discretion is advised.

Google Tiny URL and Redirection

Google tiny URLs are unique in that goo.gl provides option for social sharing in the very website. When you put your URL for conversion all the qualities of that URL is transferred to the Google tiny URL by way of URL redirection. Google is also generous because if we are using these links for our business websites, they are ready to give a page ranking that will make you happy.

Though Google URL shortner is one of the most prominent of these services they are not the only one in this field. Bit.ly and tinyurls are two other key players in this field. But Google short links have gained popularity with their stability and security coupled with Google’s support and analytics.

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