4 Guidelines for A Good Blog Name

A good blog name is what every new blogger desires for this blog. A short and catchy word that will reflect the content of their blog. If you are an ardent blogger, the name of your blog is what identifies you in the online community. So it is imperative that you choose a name that will effectively captures the attention of the readers.

Also a unique name will also help your blog to get noticed in the internet. If someone who wants to see your blog type up the name in the search of google or bloglovin, your blog will appear on the top of the search result (all this is if you have a ‘good name’).

Good Blog Names Ideas

With the explosion of blogger all over the world, almost all words have been used up in some form as the name of blogs. But good blog names ideas are rare. With strategic thinking, you will be able to come up with a blog name that till help you win some business or get some more readers.

Here are few good blogger names ideas that will help you.

Before you name your blog, think and ask yourself these questions:

Interesting: if you want the name to have an effect, you must have a name that will role. Will the name in your mind do that?

Remember: the key to business is discussion of your blog among people. If your blog name is thing recallable, they can even refer it to other. More people more business.

Freshness: please don’t use names that have been used in other forms and in other ways. A unique name proclaims the quality of your content.

The people: try to be one of the readers to whom you intent to throw your content to. If you content target a specific group of the community. You need to come up with good blog names ideas that attracts these group

Apart from all this, one thing must be very clear to you. If you use a keyword that is used too often in other blog names, chances are your blog will go unnoticed.

How Keywords Are Important

If you want your blog to get noticed in search engine, include the keyword relating to your content in the name of your blog; as in if your blog is about childcare, then you have to include the keyword ‘childcare’ in your name.

Good blog names ideas are very essential if your blog is purely business oriented, some very much overused words like important, central, thoughts, ideas, etc must be avoided. One of the most outrageous of these cliché words is ‘blog’. It has no seo value and still many people use this word in their blog names.

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