3 Advantages Of Free Blogger Templates

Blogging is without doubt one of the most busy activities in the web. The platform provides people to create a space of their own in the World Wide Web and reach out to the world. Though the blog provides all the facilities and tools for creating a blog site of your own, in the matters of customization of the site according to the mind of the customers, it lags behind. This is where the paid or free blog templates come in handy.

For those who want to use their blogs for a variety of purposes from business to self-realization, the default 16 templates that blogger provides is pretty insufficient. Paid and free blogger templates are a solution to this problem. You can use this different variety of colorful and exciting templates to give an extra push to your blog.

Free Blogger TemplatesPaid or Free Blog Templates

If you are a serious blogger and want your blog to look according to your taste and style, then there are hundreds of blogger templates out in the web. But there are both paid and free blogger templates. These third party blogger templates help you to customize your blog according to your own taste. It helps a person with little previous knowledge on site building to have a blog site that can capture your attention and help add to the purpose of the site.

But often people get confused over which blog themes to use: – paid or free. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice rests upon your relevance of the site. For a quick analysis the following will help:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Blogger Templates


  • First of all, it’s free of cost. These blog themes are often given by the developer as a trail.
  • Full of interesting layouts and icons.
  • Easy to use with attractive panels.


However, there are a few complaints about free blog templates and prominent among them are:

  • Eye sore: since these free templates are used by more than one user, many people might use the same model for their blog site too.
  • Visits: Because of the above stated reason, there is seldom an element of freshness about the blog. People don’t visit them often.

Bottom line

One of the most important facts about paid blog themes is that it is modifiable. So if you are comfortable with programming language, you will be able to do some fresh and innovative ideas into you blog. There are also advanced icons and other related features that will make your blogger template a visual feast for the customer.

As for the security, paid blogger themes are unique in nature. And this makes hacking difficult. The options and tools in premium blogger templates offer solutions to most of your varied needs. The paid blog templates offer online support. When problem arises you will be able to in get in touch with them and fix it shortly.


Free blogger templates are not suitable if the planning is for a large business blogging. Your data and the site are more secure and attractive if you will opt for the paid blogger templates. Most paid templates are not tagged with a heavy price tag, so the notion ‘paid’ should not scare you off.

Choosing Free Blogger Templates

Free BlogSpot templates are in large numbers in the internet. Choosing the right one among them is a tough job. The blogger themes are very much important since they represent to an extent, your tastes and preferences. Look for a BlogSpot template that will project the right impact; one that uses the right blend of colors and fond. If you can avoid using blogger template that appear too busy and crowded.

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