How to Use Facebook Ad Coupon Code

Do you have a business, and you have recently realized that advertising online can be a great way to generate new customers.  Facebook can be the perfect online resource to target specific areas for your personal business.  The reason it is such a perfect method for a person to use for their internet marketing needs, is because Facebook is considered the number one social web site.  They have recently been putting a lot of effort into their Advertising section.

If you are just starting out with your business, you might have a tight budget for a Facebook Ad.  This is where a Facebook Ad Coupon Code, can come into play.  Using a coupon code can help you to save a lot of money, and it is important to know how to use them, and where to find them.  The Facebook Ads can also be used for other things like blogs, or parties that you might want to throw.

For the last few years Facebook has been allowing different types of brands to add their special ads on Facebook member profile pages, other parts of social media, and posts.  Most of the time Facebook’s marketing team will offer special advertising credits in the form of a coupon code which you are allowed to use in any of your online campaign ads.

Here is how you can use the Facebook Ad Coupon Code:

First thing you need to know about the Ad Coupon – You will need to start by creating an Ad on Facebook and then when you have completed that you will want to click the review ad button, which is located at the very bottom of the page.

Second thing to do for your Facebook Campaign – You are going to want to click on “Place Order.”  If your credit card information is already stored in your account, then all you have to do next is hit the “I have a coupon to redeem” link, and then push the enter button.

If your Facebook account does not have your credit card information stored then you will want to go to the “Add Funding Source” section.  This is where you will select Paypal or credit card as your specific payment option.  Now you will be able to click onto the “Facebook Ads Coupon” link, and then hit enter.

A page will instantly popup where you can now enter your unique coupon code.  Once you have completed this process, you will want to press the submit button.

What you should see next after you have finished that process, is the billing page.  If you see this page, this means that you have successfully redeemed your Facebook Ad Coupon Code.

Special Note:  Before trying to use any of these Ad Coupon codes that Facebook allows, it is wise to check the validity of the offer given.  Most coupons will have some type of expiration date on them, so it is always important to check.

Compared to all the social sites, right now Facebook is the best for marketing.

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