Domain Privacy – 5 Things You MUST Know

There are some important things that you should keep in mind when it comes to Domain Privacy.  Your personal information is normally collected by various registrars when you are buying a domain.  What Domain Privacy is, is a service which most registrars will offer.  What happens is a user privacy of his domain from the registrar company that he or she is going through.  What the registrar will do is replace that users personal information that is located in the WHOIS area, with information of some type of forwarding services.  Below is a list of important things to keep in mind during your Domain Privacy practices:


Simple Tricks for General Practice (before and after domain privacy)

#1 – The Transfer Out Fees

If you read through all the garbage in the registrars Terms of Service, you may find a stupid little hidden fee that will authorize the registrars company to charge the credit card you used what is known as a transfer out fee should you decide to relocate your domain to another registrar.  Most of the time this transfer out fee will cost you a lot more then what you paid for the original registration, which sucks!

#2 – The Stupid fine print!

Who do you know that ever reads the long, and obnoxious Terms of Service for anything they ever purchase on the internet?  Probably nobody, right?  There are many registrars companies that will hide some crazy things in these terms of service.  Things such as what I mentioned before the “transfer-out” fee, and other stupid things like a “power of attorney.”  Pay attention to these.

#3 – Paying as you go.

You know when you decide to do a multi year loan with a registrar company?  How it works is simple:  You decide to register your domain with them for let’s say 5 years or so, maybe because they are offering some type of discount if you do.  So since you paid for it, you are expecting that your domain name is registered for the 5 years you paid, right?  Wrong, some of these companies will only pay for the registry of 1 year, and then they keep the rest of your money.  Then what they do is renew your personal domain each year instead.  They will usually include some type of no refund policy.  With this they benefit even more, because even if they lose you as a customer they will still keep all of your money that you paid.

Database Scams involving WHOIS

#4 – Edit Fees and Locks with WHOIS

Anytime you purchase a domain site, all of your details involved with that domain is required to be publicly accessible in a large database known as WHOIS.  An option that registrars are suppose to provide, is to allow you to be able to change the WHOIS information.  Many registrars, especial one known as bargain basement outfits will register a domain for super cheap, and then charge you some type of administration fee, when you think about editing your WHOIS information.

Some have something known as a “lockdown.”  What they do is anytime you make edits in the WHOIS they will lock your domain for up to 2 months, which will stop you from switching to another registrar company.

#5 – Whois privacy Service – Premium

Your personal information that you provide for your domain is public to everyone.  What most registrars like to do is charge you extra for “domain privacy services” also known as “whois masking.” When you pay for this they will add their information in the WHOIS database instead of your information.


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