How to Choose Cool Twitter Backgrounds?

The world has gone digital and people are actively interacting with each on web. Social media is an effective platform for people to interact on diverse issues, connect to near and dear ones, debate on political issues etc. With the strong evaluation of World Wide Web and several micro blogging sites, twitter is undoubtedly the most prominent of all. The platform is used by millions and the concept of tweeting is trending on the internet.  In digital era where various social sites have taken over, each and every impression is counted and people don’t get a second to build the impression. On micro blogging, minute details are noticed and these details make all the difference.

Generally, twitter profile doesn’t ask for so many details and is shorter than a postage stamp. However, details like bio, display pictures, handle, twitter backgrounds makes all the difference.  All these must be impressive for the people to follow you and building a good reputation on the web. When a person follows you, he/she see your tweets regularly in his/her timeline so in order to make him/her follow you constantly, the image has to be strong to show up in their timeline. Newbie tweeters generally follow celebs, stars, eminent people to know more about them. However, as time passes, person gets to know who to follow and how to increase followers by posting unique and frequently. It is like building trust on twitter which ultimately shows up by the number of people following you.

Cool Twitter BackgroundsGet noticed with appealing twitter backgrounds

Besides this, choosing cool twitter backgrounds is very challenging. Whenever a person visits your profile, the most attractive thing to get noticed is the backgrounds for twitter. The idea of picking up right twitter background must be unique and must be such that attracts the users landing on your profile. For instance, film actors generally use their portfolios as cute twitter backgrounds. Such backgrounds are lively, fresh and charming and appeals users to follow the personality. Likewise, a photographer usually uses his unique photographs as his twitter backgrounds.

Twitter backgrounds are considered as real estate that the user can bring to practice to deepen the first impression. The type of backgrounds for twitter, one must use depends on the purpose of his branding. For instance, people who seek to build their reputation on twitter as individuals can use their portfolios, something they love doing, and their social media profile details, blog details as the cool twitter backgrounds. However, for businesses and branding purposes, the best way to get noticed is having logo of your organization, your punch line, major details such as services or products, website in the background. Although there are thousands of free twitter backgrounds available on web and on twitter itself but picking a customized one is always recommended especially for businesses. Individuals can go for free twitter backgrounds since these are also appealing.

Twitter allows only 140 characters to tweet so businesses can’t tweet everything in just mere 140 characters. Hence, backgrounds for twitter must be such that it conveys everything whenever any user lands on your profile.

Some more tips on choosing cool twitter backgrounds are-

  • Micro blogging site- Twitter enables the user to pick tile, left, right centered backgrounds. In case you are choosing a pattern, tile is the most recommended. You just click the “tile background” checkbox after picking the image.
  • Images with left side patterns must be at the most of 180 pixels to be used as backgrounds. This would allow the twitter backgrounds to display up neatly on widescreen systems.
  • Never make the image you wish to use as twitter backgrounds too long. Keep it to at the most to 600 pixels max. It will help leaving some space at the bottom of most of the displays.
  • The color scheme must be such that goes well with the image making your backgrounds for twitter look amazing.

These are some of the tips that can help you enhance your image on twitter and helping you to get noticed among the people in the industry. However, if you are an individual seeking fame, it can also help you build a large fan following.

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