Best 3 Tools to Check Keyword Density

Keyword density is the number of times a word, phrase or a set of words is used in a web page. Density of keywords mostly denoted as percentage, which is the ratio of number of times the keyword appears to the total number of words used on a page multiplied by hundred.

A keyword density checker or Analyser is a tool used not only to analyse the density of keywords but also to lower the focus on the important terms and also include related word forms like acronyms, synonyms and other supporting vocabulary.

Keyword density tools are applications that are used to check the keyword density. These tools to check keyword density helps perform search engine optimization also known as SEO.

Density of a keyword

The density of keywords is used as an indicator to determine the relevance of a web page when the specified keyword or keyword phrase is taken into account.

From the inception of Keyword density by webmasters in late 1990s (around the time when search engines were gaining popularity), the implementation of optimum density of keywords became widespread.

Based on the result of keyword density checker a web page can be classified as:

  • High keyword density
  • Low keyword density

High density is caused due to excessive repetition done to help boost the rank of the website for a given main term or phrase.

Low density is caused due to greater visible word variation, it has low density of main terms and risks the chance of the page being filtered but it facilitates a search pertaining to a wider variety of related terms hence boosting the rank further.

Optimum keyword density and use of keyword density checker

But soon it was realized that over use of keywords lead to insignificant changes in the rankings of a website. As a measure to overcome this keyword stuffing on a webpage was declared as a cause for the webpage to be penalized.

Keyword stuffing is a phenomenon which occurs when in a web page the use of keywords is above the prescribed keyword density.

A keyword density checker identifies a keyword density between one to three percentages as optimum or ideal. If the density is found to be higher the keyword density checking tool terms it as a search spam.

Why use keyword density tools

Keyword density checker and Keyword density tools are valuable when used with the right knowledge. Though optimizing a keyword to an exact arbitrary density often does not yield the expected results.

But still using keyword density checker can be beneficial in helping you achieve search engine optimisation, as these keyword checker tools help in:

  • Looking at completion. You can compare with competing sites and discover better phrases, which when used in your content can boost up the rank. It helps you see the missed out opportunities.
  • Gauging the rank of your page as compared to other pages and also analyse how well it syncs as compared to rest
  • Checking the difference between natural writing and forced repetition.
  • Suggesting tweaks and measures to ensure exact percentages.

Links to some keyword density tools

Above are the best keyword density tools available online these tools do not require download and can be used free of cost.

Some tools need to be downloaded. These cannot be used offline and need the aid of internet to perform its functions.

List of best downloads available in keyword density checking tools

  • Free keyword tool download –
  • Chrome web store
  • GRKda – Key word density analyser
  • Keyword density checker at

Though for a first time user these keyword density tools and its suggestions might come down as infuriating but you can soon find a way around them. You can make the functions more legitimate by using default and stemming features.

Monitoring your Keyword density using keyword density checker and keyword density tools is the best way to ensure search engine optimisation.


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