Reasons to Buy a Domain Name for Your Business

Starting a business without a website in today’s day makes it seem as if the company isn’t genuine enough. Having an online version of your business is a must. This will help expand your business from just your locality, to all over the world. It may take time but you will be there surely in time.

The first thing you need to do is check whether someone else in the world does already have a domain name registered under the name you’re planning to get one. If yes, then check whois domain lookup, and find out who owns the domain.

Registering yourself to any local host may cost you heavy in the long run, as most of them find it hard to increase their bandwidth, which means that if initially your website would take 2 seconds to load it may be stretched to 15 or 20 seconds, which means slowing you down, and by human nature if some website takes that long to open, we are bound to close it, which means you have lost one potential customer to your business.

I may be blabbering about business throughout, but those who do not have a business can actually use this technique to help generate a side income. Many young children who are hardly 15 years of ages have been able to stock two Lamborghini’s in their parking, they do not own a business but they earn through their websites.

Choosing a witty name

The first thing you need to do is survey of availability whether the TLD that you have thought of, is available or not. In case it is not you can change its suffix and get a .net or .org instead of a .com. It is preferred that you choose a .com one. To check you need to simply go on the websites mentioned below and check whether you can get your preferred TLD or not.

The thing you should keep in mind is SEO. If your websites name has a phrase or even a word of the most searched word in the internet you may help get your websites ranked in a good position worldwide.

So how does one actually buy a domain name??






These are the 5 top hosts that I would recommend you to buy a domain name from. I recommend these because for those who do not know to program and build website, these providers give you the option of using WordPress, a program that actually does the programming for you; you just have to type in appropriate content every now and then. You also get to choose from a large variety of theme’s they provide, which makes your website stand out from the others.

Buying a website is just like buying any item from ebay, flipkart or amazon. Simply add the selected domain name you like and add it to your cart. You do actually get additional features that you could add if needed, like unlimited email id’s, privacy to (a website that displays the name and address of the owner, making it publicly visible).

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