What are Blogs – Understanding the different Types

What is a blog? 

It is a term used to describe websites that store information that can be accessed anytime by anyone provided you have a password.
Blogs can focus on a single subject or multiple subjects.

There are different types of blogs, classified according to the contents, how and the way they are written.

Personal blogs: It is a personal narration by an individual.

Micro blogging: This is the act of posting small contents through the Internet like texts, videos, pictures, links, etc. It assists people to interact with their friends and keep in touch, and also it is helpful to organizations in coordinating meetings. Examples of micro blogs include Facebook, twitter and Weibo.

Organizational blogs: They assist in internal communication within an organization and also externally in the marketing of their products and services to various countries.

Reverse blogs: Type of blogs that are composed by the users.  These can be written by various authors on a specific topic or can be opened to anyone to write.

Genre blogs: These are blogs that are classified according to a particular purpose that they serve. There are like political blogs, health blogs, education blogs, travel blogs, gardening blogs, etc.

By media type: These are blogs that are classified according to the media type used to design it like, for example, blogs involving use of videos are called blog and those involving uses of  photos are called photo blogs.

By a device: Blogs can be classified according to the type of device used to write or compose it.

Characteristics of a blog

  • They contain texts and pictures.
  • They contain old information and one is able to access via blogs.
  • Blogs have contact information.
  • They contain full information about a particular subject.
  • They have the option to access through the page.

How to create a blog

The following are a few steps that one can follow to design his blog.

  • Try and look for a good tool to use for your blog. Get free software.
  • Get registration for your account and create the account needed for your blog.
  • Choose the domain name to use for your blog.
  • Choose the best subject for your blog.
  • You are now ready to start using your blog.

Importance of blogging

Recently the use of blogs has become popular this is because many people will prefer comments from other people than seeing an advertisement.

  • Blogs are given updated information. By blogging one is able to read and get latest information on something like for example for a business person it is very important to use blogs because it helps him in being able to get information on how to improve on his products and the business at large.
  • It helps in increasing the number of people who accesses your blog. When you comment on your blog many people are able to see and comment and this is a way of encouraging people to visit your blog.

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