Blogging Softwares: 4 Top Picks Just for You!

Are you planning to start a blog or you may have started one already? Do you know that blogging has been growing at a fast pace over the past recent decade. Well, this state of affairs has been the emergence of a plethora of blogs on the internet in recent times. Blogs are just like websites, but they are more meant of a way to educate internet users. As such, if you want to start your own blog, you have to make sure that it features a high level interactivity and intuitiveness.   If you can combine intelligent design with fresh content posted on your blog on a regular basis, you can rest assured that the blog will attract lots of traffic.

This would however only be possible if you make use of the right blogging softwares.   Blogs have in recent times been used widely for business purposes as well as platforms for people to communicate their personal stories.  If you want to start your own blog, you have to go for blogging software that best represents you and your business. If you want to be updating your information on a regular basis, you need to make sure that the software you go for also allows you to handle that function. Let us now have a look at some of the best blogging softwares on the internet today.


There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular blogging software on the internet today.  Many internet users and bloggers both love to use this software because it is easy to update and customize.  Moreover, when you are using WordPress, you have unlimited access to templates which you can customize to suit your tastes and preferences.  The other reason why WordPress is the best is that it offers you some useful plug-ins, some of which are available free of charge.  Moreover, when using WordPress, you can come up with as many blogs as possible still using one account.


When many people think about blogging softwares currently available on the internet, one of the main options that come in their mind is that of blogger.  If you are a beginner and you are not really used for this element of blogging, this is the best software to start with.  Many might argue that it is not user friendly, but it depends on your level of knowledge of blogging platforms.  One of the best attributes of blogger is that you can easily customize your pages using drag and drop functions.  Just like the case is for WordPress, blogger also allows you to create as many blogs as you want to use the same account.


When it comes to the simplest to use blogging softwares, Tumblr might just carry the day.  In fact, many bloggers who use Tumblr today love it because of the element of simplicity.  You don’t have to use an extraordinary theme when you are creating blogs on this platform.


Last on this list of the best blogging softwares is TypePad.  This is also popular blogging software and some people might argue that it is preferred by most bloggers since it is free.  The only problem with this platform is that it does not allow you to personalize your blog post links.

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