4 Top Requirements to Become a Popular Blog

The term most popular blogs in the web is what almost all bloggers want their blogs known in the web. But to get a good Google page rank is not an easy task. Google keeps the secret of page ranking very close and this is probably what makes the most popular blogs more credible.

There are a number of ways through which you can get your blog into the ranking of one of the most popular blogs in the world. But this does not happen over time and thus patient and step by step effort have to be done to get a good Google ranking.

How to Make Your Blog Popular

Some of the most important of these ways is that is that getting links of popular blogs and sites. Just imagine that you are writing a popular blog on finance and you get a link from the Wall Street Journal. This instantly improves your rank in the Google pages.

A way to popular blogging is to effectively make use of the SEO techniques. Some of the most popular SEO techniques are:

Keyword Popularity

Most popular blogs regularly check that the content of their blogs posts include important and most searched keywords in the world. Popular bloggers use websites like Word Tracker Google Adwords, Google Trends etc. to see which keyword reign the web search engines like Google and yahoo.


When you write according to SEO strategy toward popular blogs, make sure that the content that you write matches the blog purpose. Also choosing a keyword that is toughly competed for is not a good idea if you want your blog to be the most popular. Choosing specific keyword will help you do that.

  • Using Title

Use keywords in the title of you popular blog content. This makes it easier for the web crawlers to sport the text and give it on the top of the page.

  • Pure Content

Content written in most popular blogs naturally are the purest. Google prefer original content over all others. Even if you copy content from some other popular blogs that you yourself have created, it will not get noticed by the search engine. So be pure.

  • Avoid Link Mania

What is meant by getting links from other site does not mean that you should go for a linking spree gets your site stuffed by useless links. Popular blogs in the web have quality links not links in bulk.

  • Content Generation

Most popular blogs naturally have some of the most informative and delightful content in the web. When you are a good content developer then your content could be noticed by other popular blogs and this leaves your blogs under the scanner of Google.

Popular blogs have been on the pursuit of great content. Their strategy is to give information that the people seek and provide them the same through content that is both delightful and error free. If you are a business blogger and want your blogs to get noticed and even get ranked as one of the most popular blogs in the web, then you have to prepare as soon as possible.

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