9 Tips in Posting Photos in Facebook

Being an owner of more than 2000 pictures and Facebook and a friend to almost 1000 people (that I personally know of), I have learned some things which could be helpful to the users of this social networking site. Check them out!

Make your posts more interesting with Pictures

A picture is moment captured. Pictures give your friends an impression of what you are doing or feeling.  From checking in to a place to eating something for the first time, a picture would say more than what you could ever describe by words. Pictures make your posts remarkable and interesting. It gives your friends an image of what you have seen or what you have gone through. A picture is also a remembrance of the past. Pictures help make memories on your Facebook account. Have something to look back years from now with your friends and family through your photos!

Don’t be a show off

It is never pleasing to be a bragger. It can be a fact that you are fortunate than other people in life. But, the Facebook community doesn’t necessarily need to know that. As much as possible, avoid posting pictures of your gadgets, jewelries, money and other material possessions of yours. It is a turn-off to some. Most importantly, it compromises your safety, particularly when your address or location is publicly visible on your Facebook account. I had a friend who had always boasted about his new gadgets and stuff. It’s a sad truth but he had been robbed and murdered in his own house by someone he has met last year.

Be Creative

Creative Facebook Picture

Copyrighted by SFHW – Don’t dare to copy this picture EVER!

Pictures also show your friends how artisic you can be. To capture a good photo, the most important step is to pick a subject. The subject is the focus of the picture. It tells what the picture is all about. Take the picture with how you would like to show your subject to other people. Play with things in your surroundings such as color and light. Experiment with taking the picture in different points of view. You could also use your environment as a frame to enclose your subject. You can make a collage to make it more interesting, too. You don’t need to have a very good quality camera. Your picture just needs to have a meaning or a message. There are helpful applications you could always use to make your picture look better.

Avoid being redundant

One essential rule I could suggest in posting pictures in Facebook, is dont post excessively of the same thing. When there’s too much, things sometimes lose its meaning. You could take a couple of similar photos so you can have choices. Then, you can pick what is best to post. You don’t necessarily have to post everything at once.

Avoid too much selfieism

A trending type of picture posted in Facebook is the selfie. It is taking a picture of yourself, most especially of your face. According to Wikipedia, there is a survey commissioned by the Samsung that has concluded that selfies make up 30% of the photos taken by people aged 18–24. Women who take too many pictures of themselves can be annoying but may be understandable. In men’s case, too much vanity doesn’t make you look manly at all. Posting too many pictures of your self is just unnecessary. I’m sure you definitely wouldn’t want your friends or the public to think that you’re conceited or narcissistic.

Avoid being extremely foodie

Another tip I could give is being cautious with posting pictures of food. Everyone loves food but don’t be excessive with posting photos of it. A study I have read in Yahoo, sometime last year, found out that people who post too many pictures of food are actually in an increased risk of being obese. Too many posts about food can mean obsession with it. Remember, taking too much than you can consume symbolizes greed and gluttony. We don’t want our friends to see us anything comparable to being greedy.

Think before you post

Think Before You Post

Always be careful and sensitive. Make sure that you don’t post pictures of anything that is disrespecting, discriminating or embarrassing to other people. Be cautious. Review your picture before you post. Always remember, anywhere in the world, there are consequences to poor behavior.

Don’t be too public

Don’t be too public

The Facebook privacy settings are very helpful when it comes to limiting the people who could see your posts, pictures and details. A picture could go anywhere in the world especially if not limited by your Facebook privacy settings. Be cautious. It is very important to limit the people who could view your Facebook pictures especially when they are personal. Sorting out your friends into groups would be very helpful in sorting out the audiences you would allow to see your posts. If your friends aren’t grouped yet, you could start doing it now while your friends aren’t that too many yet! You could never imagine how many ways people you don’t know could use your pictures or posts. Make sure you adjust your privacy settings appropriately.

Never underestimate the power of Humor

the power of Humor

Doesn’t it make you feel good to be a reason why other people would smile or laugh? Consider that there are people on your friend list scrolling on their wall because they are bored, tired or sad. Whether it be a picture, link, article or video, humorous posts are always appealing. Plus, it is nice to be known as someone who makes other people feel good. You can make fun of yourself or your friends but never forget to be cautious and considerate. People also like what makes them smile. You increase your popularity with the number of people who like your post since your pictures could trend on the facebook walls of your friends. Remember, that people who has a good sense of humor also attracts the opposite sex.

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