360 Photography – Quick and Easy Tips

My 360 Photography easy and quick tips.  Are you just like me, and absolutely in love with taking pics with your Canon/Nikon?  Do you want to increase your camera skills, but you keep thinking that the task is just too great to accomplish?  Well, I’d like to share that it doesn’t have to be that hard if you take learning with camera one step at a time.  Let me share with you how a lot of professionals first started out.  The best and most affordable way to increase your skills is with your DSLR Camera.

With this great challenge, what a person basically does, is they commit to taking at least 1 picture a day.  Most people will blog the pictures that they take, on websites such as Facebook, or Flickr.  Adding the pictures to these websites will help you to stay motivated with the project all year.  Every single day that you work on it, you will notice that you are getting a little better with every shot.  You can also go back and critique your own photos to help understand what could of been improved in the shots you took with your DSLR.

One of the important things that you will want to have when you are working on this 360 photography project, is some good tutorials.  There are many websites floating around that can help you advance your DSLR skills.  I have spent many hours, and days searching the web, trying to find the perfect tutorials to help me improve.  So that you don’t have to waste time researching which ones are the best, I’m going to just help you by showing you what worked best for me.

I used a great Trick Photography and Special Effects, by this guy named Evan Sharboner.  This was great for me because it included tons of examples and video tutorials to help me learn super quick.  I was actually kind of surprised how much it had to offer, considering the low price I got it for.  Before I had came across this, I was paying close to the same price just for 1 video tutorial, and this comes with a ton.  So for me it’s definitely worth the price, and is very affordable if you are serious about doing the project, or even if you just want to play around and learn a few new things with your DSLR.

Below I will show you some cool and interesting results that you can learn from Evan Sharboner’s guide, that you will probably be able to do right after watching one of the tutorials:


Yeah, so for the price I really haven’t found better photo tutorials for my 360 photography project.  It is $47, and you can skim through the guide, and pretty much pick which tutorials you want to start working on, and it will guide you through the photo learning process. 

This is one of my top favorite guides to use for my 360 Photography Challenge.  For $47 it has a lot of good information and is a reasonable price to help you with your project.  Feel free to share any other tutorials that have helped you in the comment section below.  I would also love to see your images from your project too.  Let the Sharboner be within you and your 360 Photography!

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