3 Important Guidelines For Mommy Blogs

Blogging is a way for everyone to express themselves through the web. Hundreds of people use blogs every day just to keep a daily record or for business and popularity purposes. There are celebrity bloggers, cooking bloggers and secret bloggers and so on, but the one genre of blogging that has grown faster and more powerful than any kind of blogs is the mommy blogs.

These blogs for women by women who are either expecting or already mothers have created a sensation in the web world with hundreds of thousands of mothers around the world chatting, sharing and supporting each other over matters of parenting, health and child care.

mommy blogsBut just like everything, the explosion created misconceptions about this genre of blogs for women. Some of them are:

Mommy Blogging Is a Hobby

Most people regard mommy blogging as a hobby by mothers. But in fact, this genre of blogs for women by women are written to support and sooth the co mothers in blogging community who suffering from an illness or have suffered a tragedy. They can also use their writing to build a brand for their business venture or to impart knowledge to their blogging friends on various products related to health and parenting.

Mommy Blogs Are Not Creative

One of the common misconceptions about mommy blogging is that mommy blogs are full of silly babbling. But beware, mommy blogs are some of the most well written blogs in the web. These hardworking mothers may be professionals and other people who have held important posts before their motherhood.

They keep their blogs to make sure their skills are ever sharp. And yes, there are mothers who are not very educated or professionals but if you go through some of the posts that are posted in their mommy blogs, you will suspect whether they are teachers in Ivy League.


One common misconception about mommy blogs is that they use this kind of blogging solely for entertaining themselves, but the fact is that some of these women writers will turn their skill they have sharpened writing for mommy blogs into something profitable like marketing or other writing to earn money.

But of course that doesn’t mean that all mommy bloggers are after money and don’t really care about the sincerity in their writing. Blogging for them is also a way to express their love for their kids and a record of their growing up.

Precautions for mommy blogs

Mommy blogs are one of the top blogs for women and their growth in the web space has created a storm. But this is one of the reasons why some of these blogs for women have to be written judiciously. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are consuming what you, as a mogger (mom blogger) write. Not every one of them will have a tender heart

So to keep your family from the harm’s way, you will need to take some precautions on your mommy blogs writing.

  1. Don’t invite your readers to judge a family matter of your home. The idea of sharing some very personal things with your blog readers might seem tempting. But you don’t know who you are sharing your woes with and what they think about that. Mommy blogs are not family court and your readers are not the jury.
  2. Don’t use bad words against your in laws and other close relatives: blogs for women should not be a platform to share your anger against your relatives. There will be a time when you will need their help and support. But calling them ‘crackpots’ and ‘idiots’ will bring only trouble to you.
  3. Protect your family: there are hundreds of mothers who have created a name by writing in mommy blogs. But being famous also comes at a price. So keep your privacy. Use videos, photos and voice clips carefully and discreetly.

This online community of mothers have a created a new wave in the blogs for women and have become one of the top blogs for women around the world. The community transcends everything: nationality, color, race, religion, everything. What keeps this sorority is the universal fact that these writers are all mothers.

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