Set Up WordPress Newsletter/Subscription Plugin To Get More Email Subscribers

Email marketing is cheaper and hence has been adopted by all businesses across the world. If you are thinking to develop a newsletter system for the online marketing of your business, then set up WordPress newsletter/subscription plug in. It is a wonderful idea to get newsletter subscribers for your WordPress blog. With a little effort, you can use your WordPress website as a base of your new email newsletter. It will help in the process of email marketing by sending mails very easily. It is an easy way to add a newsletter subscription to your website and can receive email addresses easily for your marketing campaign. Through this facility, you can have access to unlimited amounts of emails which will boost up your business.

The process of setting up

With the help of your administrator username and password, you just need to log into your WordPress website. Afterward, give a click on the arrow shown below the ‘Posts’. It will further lead you to the ‘categories’. Choose a name for your newsletter and type it out in the name ‘Field’, which will be displayed under ‘Add New Category’. You will need to type the name in lower case in the ‘Slug’ category and then click on the ‘Add category’ to complete the process.

Plug in features

This email plugin has several attractive features available for users. It is very useful for people who want to send newsletters for users who have subscribed to their blogs. It can send mails or newsletters to anyone who has contacted you for professional purposes. Another advantage is that it can be downloaded with the minimum coding knowledge. It contains the option of an email subscription box which will be completely safe, as it has the option of unsubscribe link also.

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