What Propels The Browsers to The Top

Computers and internet are two things which are difficult to be separated from modern day life. They come in different forms such as desktops, laptops, cell phones, ipads, gaming machines etc. Our existence has become synchronous with the launching of the new applications, gadgets which is related to computers and uses internet. From our birth to our death and from our morning rituals to our evening bedtime computers have become an integral part.

Browsing is the most interesting action which is engaged or enquired by any users on a computer. It is nothing but a software which is required to get the information through some address, put forth the information, brings it on to the monitor, keeps it in the memory, retrieves it back when needed and thus brings us the world to our feet at the comfort of our home. The implication is quite evident here that the computers, internet and the browsers are items which require each other for their existence and complement each other in their functions.

Web browsers thus become a household entity called by names such as chrome, Mozilla, IE etc. Any buyer will always enquire about the browser installed in the new system before giving a try to make sure that internet is enjoyed to the fullest. The specifications of a new computer notes a lot of features and browser finds a prominent place there. The performance of these browsers is evaluated in terms of their speed & compatibility, features, security, ease of use and the support they provide. Features include the new additions, new programs, modifications of existing features, one click opens to multiple features, clubbing of diverse functions in one single window and priority of settings of these features according to their usability. The functions such as bookmarks, add-ons, themes, plug-ins, extensions, privacy browsing, tab browsing etc enlist the features of a browser.

The next criteria to judge a particular browser is its user interface or the ease with which it can be handled a novice without much bloodshed. The layout, interface, user friendly tabs, notable icons, settings etc makes the list here. Common features include back and forward buttons, refresh and reload buttons, stop and home buttons, address bar, search bar, status bar, and other incremental additions.

Privacy and security is paramount in any browser. The feature of auto updates, alacrity in the detection of phishing sites and malwares and sandboxing of such malware applications are important constituents for trusted and secured browsing experience. When the malware functions found on a tab doesn’t transmit to the other opened up tabs, it is called sandboxing. This way once the affected tab is closed the abnormal functionality also ceases to exist. Auto-updates is a must in the present day browsers and most of the browsers pay due attention to it making sure the browser is up to date with all the latest versions, applications and software.

To make browsing a truly memorable experience, speed is the ultimate factor. If the browser is slow and takes long to load a page then it switches off the interest and thus loses the market as well. Hence the companies have made sure of the speed of such browsers which can be streamed, downloaded and uploaded easily without delay and browsing becomes unstoppable then on.

Last but not the least the support system goes a long way in regaining the trust of the customer, providing a satisfaction to them making them feel that they are being still cared even after the product is sold, and thus retaining the clientele and their loyalty. The support system can be either offline or online, either through already installed check-ins, FAQs, or chat or voice support online.

Based on these criteria the different web browsers score differently but not with much of a gap. On an overall performance Google Chrome has taken the market lead with a perfect score in different features. Moreover the association of the search engine google with the browser google chrome has made it a default number one. Firefox’s Mozilla is not far behind and stand a close second in its features. Its tab browsing feature was a pioneer effort for others to follow it up. Internet Explorer was the one which blazed the trail and others capitulated on it with more ferocity. Though its use is dwindling but its user friendliness is still a success story to be retold. Other browsers such as opera, maxthon, safari etc have a market share of not more than 5% in total.

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