How To Get a Website on The First Page of Google

A lot of our clients are in love with their website, but the problem is they are in need of way more leads.  Figuring out how to get a website on the first page of Google is crucial in todays day and age, if you want your business to survive.

Trying to figure out how to get a lot more traffic to a local businesses website is frustrating to most business owners.

If you happen to be one of these business owners, then I am sure you have been bombarded  by a ton of “SEO experts” who claim to know everything, and will solve all your problems for a fee.  Even we get these unwanted solicited calls.  So what makes us different from other so called “seo experts”?

We have no problem sharing all of our methods, so you fully understand how to get a website on the first page of Google.

Once our customers see how much work is involved with ranking a website, they usually leave all the meticulous work to us :)

Our clients can contact us at any time, and we always respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Here are the three most important parts to Search Engine Optimization –

  • Proper Keyword Research – Your potential leads type in specific keywords in Google, looking for the type of service you offer.  Do you know what those words are?
  • On Page SEO –  It is very important to mention your business keywords on your website.  As of 2014 keyword density has changed, and knowing the right percent  your keyword should be listed in your content can make the difference in your ranking.
  • Off Page SEO – BACKLINKS BACKLINKS!  It is important to make sure your website is listed on other sites that relate to your specific business.  Having a variety of different types of backlinks, and backlinks with authority will have a great impact on your business website.

The first thing that we dig into is Keyword Research.

Lots and lots of research –  it is the foundation to building a proper search engine optimization campaign.  Going after the right keywords for your business is a major factor for how to get a website on the first page of Google, so treat this step carefully.

This research is a step that you can start doing free right now.

Google has a new keyword planner tool that they have recently launched.  We recommend that you spend a little time getting familiar with this tool, because it is very powerful for your work.

What you are going to want to do, is start by entering a phrase that you believe your potential customers might type in to find your service.  A quick example, let’s say you sell wine in Lodi, CA.  If there are people interested in buying wine in Lodi, Ca, they might type in something like “wine in Lodi”.

So if you choose to type in “wine in Lodi” in the keyword planner tool, you are going to get a lot more results that Google believes is related to “wine in Lodi”

You will find tons of words that are relevant to selling wine in lodi, but some might not be.  What you want to do next is pick out the words that relate to what you are looking for, and that has the highest amount of monthly local searches.

The next part is to figure out how many other websites are also competing for those specific keywords to be on the page 1.  A free method in doing this is by taking the keyword “wine in Lodi” and adding it into google searches with quotations.

It will look something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 9.41.53 PM

Notice the “About 9,230”  Sites with less then 150,000 competing pages are easy for us to outrank within a month to a few months, sometimes less depending on the niche.

We do this with every keyword that we believe your site can rank for, and then we mentions these keywords all throughout your business website.

The next thing we need to focus on is your on-page SEO

You see if you want to be found for “wine in lodi” but all your business web site talks about is “beans in lodi” you can’t expect Google to believe that you sell wine.

The next process that we focus on is communicating with the people who manage your business web site, and telling them about every keyword that we plan to target.  They will then be sure to do the on-page SEO properly.  Do not worry if they do not have experience in managing this, we will help them!  As we mentioned on-page SEO is becoming more and more important in the eyes of Google.  You should never ever keyword stuff though, this will have a negative impact on your goal.  If you have a web site that is pretty old, and then you try to use the same articles for the new website, you are sure to get a penalty (lose ranking).  There are very specific places that a keyword should be placed on your site.  If you are not sure here is a little hint:  We have already done this for our website, and you can reverse engineer the work we’ve done.

Last but not least, we examine other websites that are ranking and are in comparison to your site and we begin the process of getting backlinks.

Here is the perfect example of a powerful backlink: Internet Marketing Blog

If you just clicked on the backlink we listed above, you will see that it basically links back to our websites homepage.  What you just happened to click on is a back link, and the words “internet marketing blog” is known as the anchor text.

So in a nut shell, that is the bare necessities for how to get a website on the first page of Google.

Having a perfect and strong on-page structure.  Getting quality backlinks with the keywords you have researched in the anchor text, from a variety of related website to your specific niche, and you will end up on page 1.  It is as easy as that!

There is a very simple reason that revealing this method will not hurt our business, and the reason is this method takes a lot of hard work, and consistency. Which is something that a lot of customers would prefer to let us do.

For more information, or if you have any questions about how to get a site on the first page of Google, feel free to contact us on skype or email.  Good luck!

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