Setting Up The Best WordPress Revenue Share Plugin

WordPress offers numerous features for you explore the power of the web. Some Addon plugins boost your effectiveness and one such thing is WordPress revenue sharing plugin also known as author advertising plugin. This lets you create a revenue sharing blog however you will have to download it through a third party site. So before you make up your mind on something, here is something for you to decide better.

As a blogger you must be relying on Adsense for monetizing your blog but you shouldn’t be too dependent on this revenue. If you are looking for some independence then you can give a try to the below mentioned plugins.

Revenue share for Authors: This allows you to easily share the earning with your guest post bloggers. You just need their adsense code and you get 50% of the inkling of the articles that they create.

WP Adshare revenue– This is also an easy to use plugin that lets you share the renevue with the editor and the authors. It uses a similar approach to Squidoo and HubPages. You can make use of a template tag or a widget/shortcut to make the plugin work. The plugin even allows automatic insertion.

Author Advertising Pro– Last but not the least is this Plgin manager for WOrdpress. It allows sharing of impression between you and the user of the block page without affecting the rules. You can even refer the plugin to other and they earn while sharing the impression with your referrals.

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