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Are you in search of some quick and easy methods to make a little bit of extra money online?  One easy method that you might be able to do on the internet is online surveys.  Online surveys are a simple and easy way to get some extra cash in your pocket in your spare time.  You can make money online with online surveys with little effort.  Finding legitimate web sites for online surveys is easy.  You just need to go through a registration process, and then you are instantly able to fill out surveys, and make money!  Follow the simple instructions below to get started.

Method number one: Becoming eligible to fill out online surveys, so that you can make extra money online

1. Understanding what they are looking for.  Surveyors are constantly looking for a certain type of person to fit their needs.  So you might not be able to qualify for every single survey (if you are a 21 year old hipster chick, but they are looking for a 40 year old man that’s overweight, you might not make the cut.)

2. Beginning to fill out the required surveys, to make money from home online. A lot of companies will first have you fill out a screener survey during registration, which do not pay any money.

  • Even though this survey does not pay any money, it is still an important step.  It is still important to spend quality time filling out this survey, because the more information the marketing research companies have on you, they more they are able to send you accurate surveys.
  • Remember, they only want to send you specific types of surveys that pertain to you.  So if you decide to leave all the screening surveys blank, chances are they will send you few or no surveys at all, which will not help you to make money from home online.

3. Check frequently.  Check your email, and the website you filled out the screening survey frequently for any survey opportunities they might have sent your way.  Many survey companies will offer surveys daily, and those surveys will have expiration dates also.  So it is crucial that you fill them out on time.

  • Most survey companies will only offer two to four surveys in any given month.  To increase the amount of surveys you take, and to increase the amount of money you make, it is important to sign up with as many survey companies as you can.
  • You should also set up a rule for your email, so that any survey emails that are sent to your inbox is automatically flagged, and also appear at the top of your inbox.  Anything that you do to make them stand out in your emails, will help you out.

4. Pick and choose all the best surveys.  Once you begin to generate lots of surveys, you will want to be selective.  Pick only the surveys that are worth your time.  If you have a lot of free time, then you can do all the surveys, but try to prioritize doing the best ones first in case you start to run out of time.  Remember you’re not required to do any of them, so don’t feel stressed out if some of them do not get completed.

Method number two:  How to find legitimate survey web sites.

1. Start searching but be careful.  There are a lot of real survey websites out there, that are ready to pay you money.  Nonetheless, there is going to be so websites out there that are not so legit, which are just looking to make some quick cash without having to do any of the real work.  Here is what to look for, so that you stay clear of the scamming ones:

2. NEVER EVER pay money up front!  There are some survey companies out there that may ask you to pay money before you start filling out surveys.  There is not point for this, and is unnecessary.  Check the sites FAQs, Terms and Conditions and/or any other information on the site that gives information about how exactly the site operates.  (If you are having trouble finding this information on the site, think of this as a red flag, and cross this site off the lists that you want to use)

3.  Make sure that you are paid in actual money, which is the best way to make money online. There is many surveys on the internet that can be filled out for money, or some type of point system that you are able to exchange for cash, but some will try to pay you by entering you into a sweepstake, or giving you a gift card, avoid these ones.

  • There are some survey websites that will offer you a mix of these, which depending on what exactly you want, may be beneficial to you.  To make sure you know exactly how they are going to pay you, check the FAQs and the terms and conditions of the site, this method is the legit ways to make money online.
  • There are some other websites that will offer you a specific product, or some type of prize, or will let you accumulate a certain amount of points that you are able to exchange for something.  Of course none of this is going to be as useful as just getting paid in cash, but every now and then you will get lucky and it will be.  Just make sure that you check the value of what they are offering to see if it is worth you spending the time in pursuing, this is the legit ways to make money online.
  • Become savvy with reading all the fine print.  Some websites will tell you that you’ve won a flat screen TV, a DSLR camera, or an XBOX, for example, but if you read very carefully, you will most likely find some type of asterisk right next to the “you won” park.  Don’t fall into any of these traps, they are never worth your time and effort.  These scams will make you believe there is no real ways to make money online.

4.  Carefully read the Privacy Policy on the site.  Privacy policy can usually be located somewhere at the bottom of the survey site.  The important thing to look for is:  who are they going to share your personal information with?  Always look for some type of statement saying, “Emails that are given to our company will not be given away, sold, or shared with any 3rd party companies, with out you the individuals consent.”  Make sure you read it carefully, so that you don’t find any of the information manipulated in a way that they will still give out your information.

5. Look for any age restrictions that might be enforced, which might not help you in how to make money online fast.  Only surveys can be an easy way for teenagers to make money, but there are some web sites that do not allow this.  The ones that don’t might allow it with parents permission.

6. Find out what is the minimum payout for each survey website. A lot of survey websites are not going to pay you until you have earned a specific amount of cash.  One of the reasons they do this is because it lowers the amount of transactions they have to do, which also forces individuals to have to spend more time on the companies website, and is not the best ways to make money online.

  • Pay attention to the minimum payout amount, so you are not spending too much time on a specific website trying to make money online.  20 dollars is usually a typical average, base it on that.  Decide how much time you want to spend on the website, remember you want to make money online fast!

7. Find the websites that have a high rating. Look for a reputable survey web site aggregator such as getpaidsurveys or bigspots, which will allow its users to rank all companies that they believe was good to work with.  Watch out for any testimonials, or stock reviews that are on the companies website, these are probably fake, and is not the best ways to make money online.

Method number three: Registering with a survey web site.

1. Create an email account specifically for the surveys. Doing this will help you to avoid having spam mail sent to your regular inbox.  Some sites will claim that they will not give out your personal information, but some companies might not be reputable and will give your information out anyways.  Once your email address is given out, there is nothing you can do about it.

2. Make sure you are registering with the legitimate companies. It’s pretty common that you will need to provide specific information such as, email address, name, birthdate, and gender.  Your Paypal information will also be needed later on in the processes, which usually needs to be associated with an email account – so that they can send you the money that you have worked for.

  • This is probably a good time to take a look at the Privacy Policy and/or the Terms and conditions, because you will be required to legally agree to these terms.

3. Take a look in your email account to verify registrations. Once you have completed the survey registration, the companies will send you an email to the email address you gave them.  Find the email that they send you, and activate your new survey account to get started.

4. Put the survey website email they send you in your address book.  If they send you an email, and it does not match any of the emails in your address book, your email account might mark the survey email as spam.

Make money with Online Surveys: Tips to Remember 

  • Teenagers are allowed to do surveys to make money fast online, but should remember to always research a companies terms and conditions to make sure they are allowed to participate to make money online with them.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  They have something called WOT extension, which will help you avoid websites that want to scam you, which will hinder you to make money online for free.


  1. There are many ways to make money online, but I think one of the best things to do, especially if you are wanting to make money right away, is to use a turnkey system. They are ready made to start making you money right away.

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