List of 6 Best Browsers

To find the source of information, fetch the information, display it on the screen, keep it in the memory and to retrieve it back by reloading it when needed is what a browser does. This application comes along with the computer when bought and is used to access internet for data from any source and on anything. Thus it has made computers an integral part of our household and its reach can be found touching our lives from our daily morning rituals to evening bed time.

The names of browsers presently sailing in the market with gusto are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Maxthon etc. These names denote alien features and indeed they are in the amount of good that they bring to us in our daily life. The different browsers have their own pros and cons and its important to have adequate knowledge regarding it before going to choose a particular browser. The one-upmanship among the various browsers is a constant tussle and is ever evolving considering the speed with which new versions are released.

Google Chrome is developed by Google as a free web browser in 2008. Since its launch it has steadily climbed the chart in its share of users in the internet market as claimed by a lot of independent studies. Currently its market share is claimed to be 43% and is the highest in the list. Its features, speed, minimalist user interface have guaranteed it the numero uno position in the market. Its tabbed browsing, privacy maintenance and synching of the bookmarks, add-ons, extensions etc to the google account have made it an adorable option. The last feature specifically allows it to be used from any computers with the bookmarks etc intact. It’s a secured application which recognizes and isolates the phishing or malware attacks, in the process also sandboxes the malefactor into a tab which when is closed closes the problem as well.

Firefox is developed by Mozilla foundation for Windows, OS X and Linux. Many features of firefox include, tabbed browsing, live bookmarking, spell checking, download manager and private browsing. Its an ideal browser for research online and so is quite popular among the college students. The ‘incremental find’ and virtual sticky notes feature are other reason of its popularity among students. Private browsing can be enabled and disabled at the same time seamlessly in stealth and there are no outward icons or notes to show any sign of it. It had a lot of drawbacks earlier but over the time it has created a reputation of thwarting any slackness with atmost alacrity in its functionalities when compared to other browsers and their functions. However the separation of its address bar and the search bar is a archaic model which it still carries it off.

Internet explorer is first launched as an added feature with windows 95 in 1995 however later on it became available as free download. Explorer is developed by Microsoft and at one time it has been the most used browser covering 95% of the customers at the start of year 2000. However presently with the growing popularity of Chrome and Firefox, its customer base has dwindled nevertheless it has become a tradition for many for old times sake and so continued to be patronized worldwide. One time boon that its popularity has been is now a bane for the customers due to single most pursued attacks by hackers. Its user friendly lay out and features have been an hallmark of it. In terms of its overall performance, the speed, security has taken a beating when compared to other browsers however the security aspect such as parental control and help & support system has been phenomenal.

Opera is another browser which built its reputation on page zooming, mouse gestures, tabbed browsing and an integrated download manager. Its developed by Opera Software. Opera has always been a pioneer in its effort to create new features which later on were capitalized by other browsers in full. One prominent example of such an effort can be ‘Speed Dial’ feature.

Another browser is named as Safari and is developed by Apple Incorporation. It was first launched in 2003 and later on became Apple’s default web browser. Currently its holding 63% of mobile web browsing traffic. It has got numerous features and few of them are like ability to save web page for later viewing, automatic filling of the web forms, bookmark integration with address book etc. This browser has frequent compatibility issues though.

One other new browser in the horizon is called as Maxthon developed in China by Maxthon Ltd. Though with multiple features but its overall performance is still to match the market leaders.

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