How to Make a Picture Collage in 5 Easy Steps

A picture collage is a great way to show off treasured photos of your friends, loved ones, pets and travels. Use the guide below to make your own picture collage in five easy steps.

Gather Your Photos

Start out by selecting photos for your collage. Choosing several pictures from one gathering, holiday, event or trip will work best. Photos taken at the same location will have similar lighting and colors, which will help tie the photos together and make a theme for your collage. A nice mixture of family photos and architectural or nature photos will break up the collage while adding appeal, color and interest. Choose your photos wisely. Photos of friends and loved ones laughing or smiling will brighten the collage and bring back happy memories each time you look at it.

Choose a Layout

Choosing a layout for your picture collage is not as easy as it may seem. There are web-based collage makers as well as software programs that can help you create the layout for your collage. If you plan on using physical photos to make your collage, you may want to search for some example layouts to choose the best arrangement. Consider the size and the number of photos.

Creating a sense of balance is the most important thing when choosing a layout. If you have an odd number of photos, you can choose to feature one large photo and complement that photo with multiple smaller pictures. For example, a collage with seven pictures can have three small photos on the top, one large photo in the middle and three small photos on the bottom. The top and bottom photos should be of equal size to create harmony and balance.

Make Adjustments

Once you have gathered your photos and selected a layout, you can make some adjustments. If you are creating your collage on a PC, laptop or mobile device, you may want to adjust the border size or change the border color. In some cases, you may also be able to add special effects to your photos. A vintage filter will add a creative touch, while changing the photo to black and white will add elegance to your collage.

Add Finishing Touches

Finish off your collage by adding quotes or embellishments. Photo borders, backgrounds and props can be incorporated into the collage to really make it unique. Just be careful not to go overboard with this step. Less is more and keeping it as simple as possible will ensure that the focus stays on your photos and not the finishing touches.

Save and Print

Once you are satisfied with your collage, you can save and print it. If you plan on hanging your picture collage on a wall in your home, you can select a nice frame and have your collage printed by a professional. The digital version of your collage can be shared with friends or displayed on your desktop for easy viewing.

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